Nikki is stressed out about victor's reputation

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At Chancellor Park, Victor and Nikki pose for publicity photos in front of the garden where JT was buried. After, Vic notes Nikki seemed uncomfortable. She turns the conversation to his medical condition. He shrugs off her concern. Nikki reminds him how he reacted when she kept her MS symptoms from him and questions the double-standard. Victor insists he only feels a twinge or two here and there – he needs to be at work. Nikki’s worried he’ll do permanent damage. Victor’s focused on finding the person responsible – JT. Nikki glances uncomfortably at the garden. Talk turns to Christian – Nikki questions if Victor has the stamina to raise a small child. She complains that he misses his daddy. Victor gets an urgent message from Neil that an expose on his medical records is about to be published.

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At Jabot, Summer finds Kyle in Billy’s office waiting to make a pitch. He tries to usher her out, but Phyllis and Billy arrive and Summer finagles an invitation to stay. Kyle’s proposal regarding fashion sales is shot down by Billy and Phyllis, but Summer jumps in to explain how it could work. Kyle’s stunned as Billy and Phyllis announce they love her ideas. Billy urges Kyle and Summer to get it on his desk by week’s end. In the corridor, Kyle accosts Summer, “What the hell was that?” She lectures him on being ill-prepared, and announces she saved his butt. In the office, Phyllis learns Billy bought an extravagant yacht with company money to entertain clients. Phyllis is dubious as he tells her it’s named ‘Jaboat’, and walks out. Later, Kyle concedes to Summer that she nailed it, and that he didn’t want to share the spotlight, but questions why Billy was on board with everything she said. Summer suggests they go to the roof deck…even though it’s closed.

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At Hamilton-Winters Group, Tessa finds Mariah digging in her purse and holds up her journal, asking, “Are you looking for this?” Mariah snaps, “Were you reading my journal again?” Tessa just found it outside. Mariah apologizes, and they decide to get a bite downstairs. In the dining room, Tessa’s glad Mariah’s back to writing and suggests they collaborate someday. Mariah would love that. Tessa gets a text, but ignores it, and tells Mariah it’s just a friend. Mariah talks about a segment she’s working on, but realizes she’s lost her notes. Tessa thinks they should access the rooftop bar to look for them. Up on the roof deck, Summer tells Kyle they don’t need swimsuits and starts stripping. Kyle balks at first, then disrobes and follows her into the pool. After, Kyle notes this is a weird thing for two exes to be doing. Summer teases him about being Mr. Straight and Narrow. He drops his towel and they’re both naked. Suddenly, the lights come on and Mariah shouts, “Oh my God!” As Tessa and Mariah debate about what to do, Summer remarks that they’re bickering like an old married couple. Kyle starts, “Actually, they…” Summer catches on and teases the young women, then smirks that maybe she and Mariah could hook-up. Mariah likes her partners with a brain. After, Kyle confronts Summer about her attitude toward Mariah. Summer just thought they could all get in the pool and play water polo. Kyle admits that sounds fun, and assures Summer they’re not enemies.

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At home, Billy can’t reach Phyllis and leaves her a pleading voicemail, assuming she’s upset about the yacht. Phyllis appears in a captain’s outfit and tells him he had her at ‘Jaboat’. Billy kisses her passionately. Billy wants to get her out of the outfit. She remarks that she found a deck of cards and invites her ‘sailor’ upstairs to play. In the bedroom, they play strip poker. After sex, Billy grins. “Next time we play on the yacht.” He’s glad Phyllis is supportive. She’ll always have his back and he can tell her anything. He whispers something in her ear and they start making love again.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki tries to get Victor to tell her how serious his condition is, but he only ruminates about people trying to take him down. Neil texts that the article is live online. He looks and declares it’s a disaster – three of their biggest clients are ready to walk based on the report as they don’t believe he’s actually in charge due to the precarious state of his health. Nikki watches him dial the phone and insist he’s going to salvage this. Soon, he’s confronting his client, who won’t change his mind. Victor tells Nikki this is JT sticking it to him – thousands of employees will lose their jobs. Somehow he must salvage his reputation, if it’s not too late.

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