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At the Dive Bar, Nick and Victor eyeball one another across the venue, as Abby accuses Victor of killing the party vibe. Sharon hands Nick a champagne and tells him how sexy it was seeing him go toe-to-toe with Victor. Victoria checks in with her brother, and they discuss Nikki being stuck in the middle. Nick and Sharon elect to leave, and Nick swings past Victor to needle him about Nikki going home alone on the way out.

The next morning…

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Abby confer about Jack’s paternity quest. He teases about Arturo, and is surprised it’s over already. Abby opens the door and Arturo’s standing there. She informs him he’s trespassing.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick updates Sharon that his private investigator learned someone is using JT’s credit card. Sharon feigns surprise. Nick worries he’s on his way back to town. Abby arrives and compliments Nick on how he handled Victor last night. When she steps away, Nick announces he’s going to see Victoria. Sharon quickly decides to go with him. Arturo arrives and asks Abby what happened in his apartment the other night, but she has nothing to say to him.

Arturo catches up with Abby in the Newman Enterprises elevator. She snaps at him and he follows her into the breakroom seeking an explanation for why she took off. Abby accuses him of seeing someone else – she found a bra in his couch. In Victoria’s office, she and Sharon debate with Nick about the likelihood of JT coming back. Victor enters and booms that Nick’s not welcome there. Nick guesses he doesn’t want to hear about JT. Victor asks, “What about JT?” They snark about the new developments and what it means for Victoria. Sharon takes Vikki to the breakroom and questions what if JT’s not dead? Vikki insists it’s not JT, but Sharon’s unconvinced and reminds Vikki she thought she killed Cameron Kirsten years ago, but he showed up alive. Elsewhere, Abby’s still ranting at Arturo, who finally gets to talk and says the bra belongs to his younger sister, Lola. He gets Lola on the phone to confirm. Chastened, Abby apologizes. Arturo accepts, and they kiss. In Victoria’s office, Nick and Victor have agreed to work together to find JT. Sharon and Victoria rejoin them. Abby appears, telling Victoria to check her email. It warns Newman Enterprises won’t be the same after Pat Harvey’s newscast. They watch as the reporter claims Victor Newman’s leaked medical files show he’s battling a serious illness which doesn’t bode well for the company. Victor declares it outrageous, but admits he’s seeing a specialist for issues. He barks the only person who could have accessed his medical files is JT Hellstrom.

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Devon and Hilary arrive home from their trip and make out. Devon remarks on their new closeness and opens up that he thought it wouldn’t be this way again – Phyllis called him out on denying his feelings. Hilary wasn’t being honest either and was spewing venom to cover. Shauna appears as they kiss. They notice she seems upset and Devon makes his exit. Shauna tells Hilary she thinks she scared Charlie off. Hilary presses for details, and Shauna explains she told him she wasn’t a virgin. Hilary brings up using protection, then asks why she told Charlie that. Shauna was just being honest, now he won’t take her calls. Hil feels if he’s judging, he doesn’t deserve her.

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At the Dive Bar, Kyle meets Jack, who’s working on a court order to exhume Phillip Chancellor’s body since Jill declined his request with colorful language – Cane got to her. Kyle debates his need to pursue this, but thinks of something he can do.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Jack he can come home again. Jack muses if the judge denies his request, he’ll wait until Chance and Phillip return, or he’ll dig up the grave himself. Kyle suggests he pursue another path – there’s someone who could help. Jack asks, “Who?” Dina appears. “Me.” Jack shows her the photo. She doesn’t recall putting it in a safety deposit box, but examines it and declares, “That’s him, Jackie. That’s your father.” Jack asks more questions and she confirms again that Phillip is his father. Jack tells her she changed his life.

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At Hamilton-Winters, Devon asks Charlie about Shauna. Charlie admits she said she wasn’t a virgin, and he doesn’t want to discuss this with Cane. Devon wonders if he freaked out because he hasn’t had sex yet. Charlie nods miserably. Devon reassures him and encourages him to be honest with his girlfriend.

Devon returns home and compares notes with Hilary on Charlie and Shauna’s issue. Hil thinks they sound like parents. Devon feels she’ll be an amazing mother, and she returns the sentiment. They kiss.

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