mac tells Vikki jt news

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Phyllis arrives at Billy’s office and is stunned to find he’s not at work.

In the apartment, Summer calls Billy naughty for oversleeping. He swears her to secrecy about the gambling. She agrees it will be their little secret. Billy starts cleaning up from poker. Summer mentions the ‘next game’ and Billy nixes that idea. Summer feels he was happy playing the game smirks when he denies it’s what he wants. Billy informs her he’s a gambling addict. Summer shrugs it off, but Billy tells her how bad it once got. He’s disappointed he sat down at that table and risked everything again and has to keep last night quiet or everyone will look at him like a pile of crap. Summer understands and talks about her love of poker. He advises there are better ways for her challenge her mind. Summer’s upstairs when Phyllis arrives and asks about him not being at work. He didn’t sleep well and kicks a poker chip under the sofa. After they head out, Summer comes downstairs and looks conniving.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor checks in with Victoria and Abby; he figures JT is behind the threats. Victoria believes that’s a mistake. Her father’s puzzled. Abby points out her mother’s conclusions make sense, and they all debate about whether to call the authorities. Victor’s against it. After he exits, Abby and Victoria discuss going to Nick’s party. Victoria asks if she’s bringing Arturo as Nikki will be there, and wonders if it’s weird he was her stepmother’s sex buddy. Abby snaps that he’s not her boyfriend, and talk turns to Christian. Vikki feels Nick won’t let anyone come between him and his son. Abby asks about Reed – she hopes the authorities catch JT for his sake, so his questions will be answered. Suddenly, Mac arrives. Abby exits. Mac reports that one of JT’s old credit cards has been used – the purchases seemed legit – rental cars, hotels, and food, in various states, most recently Iowa, like a man on the run. Victoria learns she called Paul, who already knew. Victoria’s not surprised he didn’t tell her, they think she knows where JT is. Mac warns JT may contact Victoria, and says she needs him found for closure. She also feels Victoria deserves justice. They compare notes on their kids, vow to protect their families, and hug.

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At home, Nick enthuses about a party to announce their engagement and the ensuing honeymoon he’ll plan. Sharon warns some of the guests may not feel as festive as they do; they’ll need to be ready for anything. Nick wants everyone to be cool with it, though it’s not realistic. Sharon supposes she can cross Phyllis, Summer, and Nikki off the bridesmaids list. Nick points out Mariah and Faith are on board, and they’ll be a family with Christian. He vows nothing and no one will stop him from getting him back. Later, Mariah’s there and guesses what the party’s about – she’s inspired by them reuniting and is impressed with Nick’s refusal to be scared of Victor. They deserve each other, and Christian. She tears up, and they all embrace.

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At Jabot, Phyllis discusses Nick’s party with Summer and Billy. Phyllis notes the invitation was vague.

At the Dive Bar, Nikki arrives early to see Nick alone. Sharon and Mariah walk off. Nikki tells Nick his father shouldn’t have gone after custody, she’s so sorry. Nick’s sorry she’s in the middle, but thankful she’s there with Christian. He vows Victor will learn no matter how much money you have, some damages are beyond repair. Later, Billy, Phyllis, and Summer arrive. Phyllis whispers to Billy there’s no engagement ring, she’s relieved. Summer greets Abby as she arrives and looks at her phone. Nikki approaches, she’s glad Abby didn’t bring Arturo. Abby snarks, if Nikki can’t have him no one can. Nikki doesn’t want Abby’s heart to get broken. Nearby, Summer invites Mariah to join her for a drink, while Victoria arrives and chats with Billy. Abby interrupts. She takes Victoria aside to report that JT’s credit card was used to ship the boxes from Iowa. Across the way, Phyllis toasts to Nick standing up to Victor. Victoria convenes with Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis to whisper about JT’s credit card racking up charges. They reassure one another it’s impossible he’s alive. Meanwhile, Summer invites Billy to another poker game. Nick calls for everyone’s attention and announces he and Sharon are getting married…again. Victor appears, and chortles that by tethering himself to Sharon, Nick’s all but ensured he’ll keep custody of Christian. Nick retorts that he will get Christian back…he feels Victor knows deep down what he’s doing is wrong, and he’ll never quit until the boy is back where he belongs.

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