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At Newman Enterprises, Ashley and Victoria find confidential contracts and memos in the boxes. Ash says they have to address the breach in their security system. Victoria notes it must be an inside job, and questions if Jack could be involved. Ash retorts that he’s focused on finding out who his father is.

At the Dive Bar, Cane’s unwillingly to ask Jill to dig up Phillip Chancellor’s grave and questions if he’s trying to get his hooks into Chancellor Enterprises. Jack denies it. Cane won’t allow this to go further. After, Jack takes a call from Ashley, who’s concerned he’s involved with the ‘situation’ at Newman. Jack tells her not to worry about him and disconnects. Nearby, Abby assures Arturo he made a fabulous first impression on her mother, and learns his ‘bad luck’ courtesy of Victor seems to have stopped. They’re canoodling when Summer appears. Abby doesn’t want her company.

At Hamilton-Winters, Cane and Charlie join Lily, but Charlie gets a text from Shauna and leaves. Cane fills Lily in on Jack’s request.

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At Jabot, Billy and Jack debate about what the photo of Phillip Chancellor might mean. Billy snaps, “Phillip is dead, what direction do you see this going?” Jack hasn’t thought ahead, but points out he could inherit health concerns. Billy jumps on the word ‘inherit’ and accuses him of turning his search for his father into a scheme to take over a company. Jack protests, but Billy throws him out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Ashley speculate on various people who could be responsible for the targeting the company – Kyle or Helen? Ashley thinks Nick has motive, given the custody suit, and Victoria counters that Abby’s been disillusioned with their father. Ashley’s irked and warns Victoria they both know she’s not above framing someone for corporate espionage.

At the Dive Bar, Arturo and Abby pose for selfies and he admits he hasn’t looked at her social media yet. Abby ignores a request to appear at the office from Victoria, and continues her conversation. She wasn’t going to post her relationship status online again, but she put ‘it’s complicated’. Abby mentions Nikki, and Arturo likes the way she stands up for herself. Abby gets a party invite from Nick and is puzzled. They decide to go to Arturo’s place.

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At the penthouse, Neil checks in on Shauna then leaves her to study. Once he leaves, Charlie comes out of his hiding spot. Charlie talks about loving his work, but would rather be there. They make out. They discuss their dating histories. Shauna brings up sex. Charlie becomes uncomfortable and goes.

Neil arrives at Hamilton-Winters, where Cane, with Lily by his side, implores him to get Jack to back off. Neil argues that he’s a man in pain; he doesn’t buy Cane’s accusation that he’s looking for a handout or that he’d dig up Phillip and ‘make’ the DNA match. Neil replies, “Wow. Like you did?” He thinks it’s fair for Jack to raise questions. Cane declares it will be war if he tries to get a court order to exhume the body. Later, Cane kisses Lily’s neck as she types. She tells him it was so hot watching him in battle mode. He lifts her onto the desk and they kiss. In the dining room, Neil seeks reassurance from Jack, who says he never could have seen this coming. It might be a comfort to be part of a family he’s known his entire life…and he’d be part of the Chancellor Empire.

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Billy slams around the apartment, and Summer quips, “Bad day at the office, honey?” Billy tersely complains about Phyllis being away and reminds her he’s her mother’s boyfriend. Summer flirts, then apologizes. He goes upstairs to read. Summer calls someone to bring the gang over. Soon, there’s a poker game going. Billy appears and watches. He struggles, but eventually gives into temptation and joins in.

Abby enters Arturo’s place. He jokes it’s probably the size of her closet. They kiss after she apologizes for the trouble Victor caused him. They kiss until he offers to get her a drink. Abby finds a bra behind his sofa pillow. Arturo reappears with beer and she’s left.

At Newman Enterprises, Ashley and Victoria realize the document dates coincide with JT’s tenure. Ash says he’d know how to break in and had means, motive and opportunity. Another email comes in. The disembodied voice asks if they enjoyed reading what he sent – he has access to all their files and can release them whenever he pleases. It ends, “Sleep tight.”

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