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When Kyle gets to Jabot, he finds Summer relaxing in the CEO’s office. He tells her they need to start working and she calls him a drone. Her energy can’t start flowing there so she suggests he leave with her.

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Victoria arrives in her office at Newman. When she checks her email, she gets an audio message telling her that her secrets aren’t safe anymore. Nick shows up and notices she’s startled. She plays the message. The voice claims they have access to all the company files and they plan to destroy Newman Enterprises. Nick guesses someone is trying to get under her skin and she shouldn’t let them. Changing the topic, he says that their father has been taking a leading role for too long and he recommends himself to take over. They sit by the window and she worries that her kids are starting to feel like nothing is permanent. The topic turns back to the Christian problem. Nick has finally realized who he needs to be and that he has to protect the family from what Victor has been doing to them. She understands but must maintain her relationship with their father. Nick can appreciate that. He worries about what’s happened to JT and promises to find him. After he leaves, she calls her father in and plays the recording for him. He waves it off as an empty threat. When she mentions her brother was there, they discuss the situation.

At the penthouse, Devon is fawning over the nauseous Hilary. She thinks it’s nice that he wants to cram her with crackers, but she needs some space. Hilary runs to the bathroom. After being sick, she eats more crackers and he flirts with her. Shauna interrupts with more crackers. Hilary doesn’t want any fuss and leaves for work but tells Devon she’s planning to give birth on the air for the ratings.

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Cane joins Jack at his table at the Athletic Club and asks him what he’s up to. He heard he’s planning dinner with Esther and guesses he’s digging into Phillip and Katherine’s private lives. Jack assures him he’s not looking to dig up dirt. Cane is protective, but Jack points out that he could be more of a Chancellor than Cane ever pretended to be. Cane can understand that, but he doesn’t see how a photo proves anything, even if it was locked away. He warns that asking questions won’t end well. Cane doesn’t want him messing with his family by chasing ghosts and suggests he focus on the here and now. He walks out. As Jack is about to go, he bumps into Victor. He expects some invective from the mustache over his paternity issues, but Victor ignores him.

Kyle and Summer go to the rooftop and she orders drinks. As he gets her to talk business strategy, she strips down to her bathing suit. They lounge and she gabs while he stares at her body. He decides there are too many distractions. She pumps lotion into his hand and asks him to oil her up and admit he still wants her. He takes off his shirt and tells her he moved on years ago, especially after seeing her lousy taste in guys. They both brag about having sex with other people and then she complains about Billy bringing her mom down. She’s sure they will never last. Meanwhile, Mariah sits at a table working until Hilary comes in to complain about her sunning herself. Mariah tells her that Devon asked her to do the show solo today. Hilary wonders why Devon yanked her off her own show and didn’t bother telling her about it. Mariah spots Summer and Kyle and walks over for some bickering. Summer spots Nick and walks over to him. They joke about her sense of business wear. She asks him for some money. Over by the pool, Jack interrupts Charlie and Cane as they get out of the water. He wants to continue their conversation. Jack thinks that Cane can help him discover who his father really is. Cane sympathizes but says he can’t help. Jack wants a DNA test, which means he needs to have Phillip exhumed to get a sample. Back across the space, Mariah teases Kyle for obsessing over Summer.

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When Hilary gets to the penthouse, she finds luggage by the door. Devon comes out and she starts ranting. Eventually, he stops her to announce they are going on vacation. Shauna comes down the stairs to say she packed everything for her babymoon. Hilary thanks them but says she can’t go. Devon says that Neil can keep an eye on Shauna. With some effort, they talk her around. Shauna gives them designer barf bags. Once they leave, she sighs in relief and sends a text to Charlie.

Victoria returns to her office and finds it is full of boxes of paperwork. She opens a box and gasps as she reads the contents. Victor arrives and she shows him they are all confidential papers and they’ll need to be shredded. He wonders who could be behind this.

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