At home, Sharon is taken completely off guard by Nick’s proposal of marriage. He asks her to say, ‘Yes,” but she needs to think about it, and leaves.

At Crimson Lights, the smell of Mariah’s coffee makes Hilary feel ill with morning sickness. She makes her promise not to tell Devon. Mariah offers to fly solo for a show, and Hilary snaps at her trying to take her job. Mariah soothes that they’ll talk about it when she feels better. She walks off as Phyllis appears. Hilary’s cranky with her too, as she frets about Devon seeing her sick. Phyllis points out they’re not together 24/7, so Hil updates her – they’re back together. Phyllis counsels that morning sickness is part of the package, and to ask for help if she needs it. Nearby, Mariah meets Sharon, who spills that Nick proposed, but she’s not sure he’s doing it for the right reasons. She explains how fired up Nick’s been about Victor. Mariah’s all for it. Sharon worries that Nick wants a wife to look good to the courts. Mariah encourages her to trust his instincts and her heart, and go for it. Sharon’s list of pros and cons are equal. Mariah suggests she throw out the analytical stuff – she swung and missed with Tessa, but she tried. Sharon learns Mariah admires her; she’s just her mom, but best friend, and wants her to be happy.

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At the Abbott house, Jack fills Abby and Ashley in on his suspicions about Dina and Phillip Chancellor. He notes Katherine was married to Gary Reynolds then, so Chancellor was fair game. They speculate, and Ashley warns Jack to be careful how he handles this. He plans to talk to Dina and hopes she’s lucid. Once Jack leaves the room, Abby tells Ashley she’d like to move back there. Ashley’s thrilled. Abby’s filling her in on Victor’s latest meddling when Jack reappears – Dina remembered nothing. He applauds Abby moving off the ranch, but won’t return himself. Talk turns to Billy’s success. Ashley notes his success, but worries he’ll revert to type. Jack leaves. Outside, he calls someone to meet him for a drink. Inside, Abby wants Ashley to meet Arturo. Ash muses it might be more serious than Abby thinks.

At the Club, Nick tells Phyllis he asked Sharon to marry him – and she didn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He explains they are more mature now, but Phyllis points out Sharon’s perceived instability is affecting his custody of Christian. She also understands Sharon’s reservations about marrying him – he cheated on her. All three of them have the history of stepping out on their partners, and it’s cataclysmic when it happens and partners find out. Phyllis notes she hasn’t married Billy, and suggests maybe this one time Nick should follow Sharon’s lead. At the bar, Jack orders drinks and tells Esther he’s hoping she can fill in some missing details. Jack talks of Dina’s Alzheimer’s and plunges in that his mother alluded to an affair with Phillip Chancellor. Did Katherine ever mention it? Esther never heard about it- she thinks Phillip III and Chance might be able to help – except they’re in the Himalayas and are unreachable for two months. Esther goes, and Phyllis joins Jack, who fills her in on his quest. She supposes he’ll have to sit tight until Phillip III and Chance return; it’s not like he can ask the elder Phillip for a cheek swab. Jack looks thoughtful.

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At the penthouse, Hilary wonders why Devon wanted her to come straight home. He reminds her they’re supposed to be experiencing her pregnancy together – so why is he hearing about her morning sickness in a text from Phyllis? Hil sighs, she didn’t want him seeing her physically ill; she wants every moment to be romantic. Devon tells her that’s silly – he wants to be involved in even the unpleasant parts and to look out for her. He’ll be there for her. They kiss.

At the Dive Bar, Abby introduces Arturo to Ashley. While Arturo gets drinks, Ashley brings up his connection to Nikki with Abby, who says she believes he’s one of the good guys. After, Ashley confides she’s been taking dance lessons and Arturo gets up to salsa dance with her. Nikki arrives and narrows her eyes at the scene. The dance ends, and Ashley declares him a keeper. Abby heads to the bar, where Nikki muses the man works fast – maybe her mother will be his next conquest. Abby shuts her down – she can’t stand the fact that Arturo’s with her – and informs her there’s nothing she or Victor can do to stop her from dating him.

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At home, Nick and Sharon share a laugh over her guess that Phyllis thought it was a bad idea for him to propose. Sharon asks, “Why now?” Nick wants everyone to know how important she is to him, and wants to make her feel special and loved. He won’t quit trying to make it happen. Sharon agrees to marry him.

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