At home, Sharon and Nick ask Brittany to put an end to the Christian situation. They tell her how willing family members will be to side with them. Nick refuses to let Victor raise his son. After Sharon exits, Brittany warns Nick that the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. He needs to consider breaking up with Sharon. She’s a liability. Nick refuses to let anyone determine who he is with, but the lawyer thinks the arbitrary may rule that custody is contingent on her presence. He may have to pick who is more important to him.

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Victoria runs into Sharon at Crimson Lights. They discuss the Father’s Day dinner and how Nick is coping with having Christian taken away. Victoria knows that her father goes too far sometimes. She asks how she can help. They try to come up with an idea but come up empty. Sharon blames herself for this mess.

Jack and Kyle sit in a cafe with the key they found. Jack is sure it could bring him to the missing pages of Dina’s journal. Kyle is skeptical, but his father is sure this will lead somewhere. After Kyle leaves, Victoria walks by. They catch up.

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At Jabot, Phyllis shows Summer around and tells her how hip Billy has made the place by including popcorn. Phyllis assures her that they will have fun working together. They go into Billy’s office where he and Summer share some sarcastic banter. She and her mother go back into the hall and Summer tells her mom she would like to work on a crossover project combining Fenmore and Jabot. Phyllis returns to Billy’s office to talk this over with him. She tells Billy that her daughter has energy and ideas. He’s not excited by the idea of being her mentor. They argue about her daughter’s lack of responsibility. Phyllis needs to prove she can trust Summer and promises to be there if there are any problems. Back out in the hall, Kyle finds Summer relaxing at Gloria’s desk. They start to bicker and she informs him that she’s working there now. He thinks she’s spoiled and taking handouts. Billy and Phyllis emerge, and she explains that they are going ahead with the crossover idea. Billy decides to get Kyle to work with Summer. He’s sure their ‘combustible’ energy could get explosive results. This doesn’t sit well with them. Later, Jack meets with Kyle and tells him that the key is for a safe deposit box. Kyle insists on going with him.

Summer and Phyllis run into Nick at the GC Athletic Club. He tips Phyllis off about their daughter not showing up for Father’s Day. Summer is apologetic. They get a table and Summer apologizes for being a jerk. Nick forgives her. She thinks he’s the best dad. When she goes off to the bathroom, Phyllis and Nick discuss the case and he admits his father used Sharon’s history of mental illness. They may have their differences, but Phyllis is sure that Sharon loves Christian. Summer returns with a cupcake with candle on it and asks her dad to make a wish.

Brittany meets Victoria in her office. They discuss the custody case. Victoria knows her father won’t like her siding with Nick, but what he’s doing is wrong. The lawyer asks her how she’s taking JT’s disappearance. Victoria doesn’t want to discuss that but admits that JT changed a lot and they’ll never know what happened. That sounds strangely certain to Brittany. Victoria claims that JT staying gone is probably best for everyone.

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Sharon returns home after getting a text from Nick. She worries that something must have happened with Brittany. He explains what the lawyer told him. She thinks they need to be realistic and break up. Nick claims that they deserve to be happy together. They are fated and he can’t live without her. She thinks it’s impossible, but he refuses to accept that. He claims anything is possible and drops on one knee, revealing a ring, and asking her to marry him.

Phyllis and Summer return to Jabot. She tries to convince her mom that working with Kyle will be an epic failure but Phyllis refuses to listen. Summer heads for Billy’s office and he tries to get rid of her. She shuts the door instead and accuses him of being afraid to work with her. He opens the door and says he’s only scared of her mom. Billy tells her there are boundaries she shouldn’t cross. Phyllis interrupts and Summer happily strolls off.

Jack and Kyle get the safety deposit box in the savings and loan. Jack has some trepidation about opening it. When he does, it looks empty at first, but he finds a photo jammed in the back. It’s from the 1950s and shows Dina with Phillip Chancellor and a group of others. When they check the date, they see it was taken nine months before Jack was born. He wonders if Phillip could be his father.

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