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At home, Faith gives Nick card saying he’s the best dad in the world, from her and Christian. She asks if Christian’s still sleeping. Nick says he’s not there. Sharon explains about the temporary custody arrangement. Faith becomes agitated. “Why would Grandpa do that, and why would that judge let him?” Nick admits Christian is really Uncle Adam’s son, according to science. Faith cries – Grandpa is wrong; Christian belongs there, with them. After, Faith pulls out a #1 Dad keychain – she feels Christian would want Nick to have it, and reiterates her concern. Nick deflects, and mentions talking to Noah. He notes Summer won’t be able to make it over; she’s with friends, and decides they’ll do something fun.

At the Club, Victoria and Nikki discuss the twins, and then Reed, who is upset he hasn’t heard from JT. Victor appears with Christian and the nanny. Abby arrives with Arturo in tow; she’s starving. Victor gawps at the audacity. Abby snarks about meddling, Nikki mutters about people ignoring good advice, and Victor grumbles he expected Abby on her own. Arturo asks to speak to Victor alone. He tells Victor he got his message via the tickets and contracts being canceled. Arturo vows Abby does not need protection from him, and he’s not going anywhere. Vic promises if he hurts his daughter, he’ll find out how powerful and ruthless he can be. The women return and Arturo updates Abby they reached an agreement, before leaving. Next, Sharon and Nick appear with Faith. The nanny hands Christian to Nick, who informs Victoria their dad took Christian away from them. Victor’s affronted about Nick questioning his devotion to family, today of all days. Nick sneeringly wishes him a Happy Father’s Day. Faith wants to go. Nick promises Christian they’ll be together again soon. Vic warns him he can’t guarantee that, but Nick replies he can and will.

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In the penthouse, Hilary awakens in Devon’s arms. He wonders if she had sweet dreams, but she had sweet reality. They gush about last night. Hilary smiles – it’s the first time she and the baby get to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Later, Hilary and Devon check in with Shauna, who had a brief conversation with her father. Shauna notes she lost her roommate and quips, “You’re welcome.” Devon goes for food and Shauna tells Hilary she’s happy for her. Hil says they’re ready to make a commitment, but doesn’t promote getting pregnant before marriage. Shauna reassures her.

At the park, Cane tells Lily and the twins they outdid themselves with his Father’s Day breakfast and gifts. He feels he’s the luckiest dad in the world.

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In Neil’s penthouse, the Ashby family continues celebrating Father’s Day. In a moment alone, Lily gifts Neil with a Do Not Disturb door sign in case Hilary wants to borrow sugar. Neil warns they’ll be joining them. Lily promises not to do anything to ruin Father’s Day. Later, Devon and Hilary arrive with a gift. Lily wishes a Happy Father’s Day to the father-to-be. Devon thanks her and announces he and Hilary are back together as a couple. Hil thinks she should leave. Neil assures her she’s welcome – if they’re working things out that’s good. Cane and Lily surprise them by agreeing. When the women get tea, Charlie sneaks out. Neil tells Devon he’s genuinely good with his news and couldn’t imagine a better Father’s Day. Across the hall, Lily busts Charlie and Shauna making out. Shauna calls her ‘stealth mom’ and Lily advises her to get used to it. They join her back at Neil’s, where Lily, Devon, and the twins each take a turn saying what’s great about their dad.

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Jack arrives at the Abbott house and hesitates before ringing the doorbell. Kyle answers and wishes him a Happy Father’s Day. Jack bursts out laughing, realizing he doesn’t know who his father is. Kyle’s irritated, but pleased he could make him chuckle. Jack learns Kyle’s caring for Dina. Inside, Dina has made a card for her daddy. Jack assures her he’ll love it. She wanders off and Jack reads the card which says she wishes her daddy still lived with them, even if he left because of her, and begs him to come back. Jack tells Kyle he had no idea. He recalls Dina always made a huge deal of Father’s Day for John. They think her father walking out explains a lot. As they discuss Jack wanting to know who his bio dad is, Jack learns Kyle thinks he’s a good man and a good father. They embrace. Kyle decides he’ll help Jack with his search. Kyle points to his stunt at Jabot as evidence he knows how to make things happen. Later, Dina catches Jack going through a box of her private things and takes it away. Kyle asks Jack if he found the pages from the journal. He didn’t, but found a key that may lead to his father’s identity.

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