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At the penthouse, Devon and Hilary arrange to have dinner together later as he leaves. Hilary calls and cancels a dinner meeting. Shauna appears and Hilary has an idea, saying, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

At Jabot, Summer arrives in Billy’s office, followed closely by Phyllis. Billy asks to speak to Phyllis alone and presses for them to get their own place. Summer listens as Phyllis asks, “What’s the rush?” and insists she wants to provide Summer with guidance. Phyllis finds Summer in the corridor with Hilary and Shauna. Hil asks if Shauna can shadow Phyllis or if Summer could share insight on being an intern. Summer teases it’s like Hilary’s trying to get rid of Shauna. After Hilary and Shauna leave, Phyllis shrugs that Hilary gave it her best shot, and invites Summer to join her at Fenmore’s. Summer’s not interested. Phyllis proposes they go for a drink. Summer reveals she’s lost her credit card, and Phyllis assumes she came by for money. Summer denies it. When Phyllis takes a call, Summer goes to see Billy. Phyllis sees him handing Summer money and rants. Summer’s sorry she’s such a disappointment to Phyllis and walks out. In the corridor, she phones someone and asks to talk. After, Summer flirtatiously tries to convince Billy to hire her. Billy says it’s a hard ‘no’. Summer reveals Lauren offered her a marketing position – she’ll be right down the hall so they can have more fun and games.

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At home, Sharon tries to reassure Nick about he situation with handing Christian over to Victor. Nick prepares to leave and assures Sharon he’s not running away with Christian, just taking him outside to play while they can. She asks to join them and Nick agrees.

In the park, Nick reflects that he could have had Brittany go after Victor the way he went after Sharon and bring up his crimes and convictions. Sharon points out Victor has a standing in the community, she doesn’t. Nick decides he’ll have to change if he’s going to get his son back. Sharon argues that Nick’s not like his father. They debate. Nick’s tired of his father ‘winning’ and is set on becoming someone who won’t lose to him any longer.

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Back at the house, Nick’s anger builds about Christian being taken to the ranch as he packs his things. “This is his home.” Sharon follows Nick out the door.

At the Club, Nick confronts Victor for not being at home getting ready for Christian. Victor sips his drink and says he has staff. Nick angrily gives him a rundown on Christian’s favorite things in the box he’s carrying. Victor notes he’s causing a scene as Sharon looks around uncomfortably. Nick snarls at Victor that he won, now it’s time to collect. He keeps going and asks if he should write this down for the person who’ll actually look after the boy. Nick warns Christian’s a real person and not to screw this up. He declares that this is war. They will never come back from this and Nick will take everything from Victor, especially family. This is where he begins to lose.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary admits to Shauna that she wanted some one-on-one time with Devon. Shauna laments becoming a problem and says she’ll find someplace else to live. Hilary tells her to stop right there. She apologizes for not being more up front about needing space. They discuss Shauna being caught out at Lily’s. Hilary reflects that’s part of the reason she wanted Shauna to stay with her; to prove there’s more to her than they believe. Shauna teases Hil about Devon as Charlie appears. Shauna tells him she’s looking for something to do tonight.

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Devon arrives home to find a romantic dinner for two set up. Shauna and Charlie appear. Shauna claims it’s a thank you for letting her stay. Hilary comes downstairs in a sexy dress. Charlie and Shauna serve dinner then depart. Devon teases Hilary, “How much of this was you?” Hil updates him on what happened earlier – she wanted to be alone with him. They slow dance, talk about being sure, and kiss. Devon invites her to his room – their room. Hilary advises him to stop talking and they kiss passionately while heading upstairs.

At home, Sharon marvels at how Nick stood up to Victor, and thinks his father was scared. Nick declares he knows now who he has to be. He’s playing with Christian when Sharon answers the doorbell – it’s Victor and a nanny. Nick reassures the boy about staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a while. He cries and Sharon tears up. They say a tearful goodbye and the nanny carries Christian out. Victor tells Nick, “Sorry, it’s the only way.” Nick warns him to remember those words – he’ll be hearing them back.

At the coffee house, Shauna ruminates about some people needing a nudge to make a move. She and Charlie kiss.

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