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At the arbitration venue, Michael questions Sharon, and has her admit Victor is close to his grandchildren, and that she once granted Faith permission to move in with him. Next, he raises Sharon’s history of mental illness and arrests. Sharon testifies her bi-polar disorder has been under control for a long time, though she concedes she committed herself to Fairview just two years ago following a miscarriage. Nick interrupts, but Sharon assures the arbitrator she can handle this. Michael goes over Sharon raising the boy with Dylan, then keeping the truth from Nick about Christian’s paternity for six months – while on medication. He accuses Sharon of reconciling with Nick to get the child back and calls her delusional. Brittany takes over and paints a picture of Sharon as a stable mother of three, owner of Crimson Lights, and a student who volunteers for the crisis line. She prompts Sharon to talk about the growth and love in her long-term relationship with Nick, and her clarity on her role with Christian. Michael’s not done and questions her ability to maintain the status quo. Sharon admits she can’t. The arbitrator takes a recess to consider her decision. Nick complains about them being vicious and cruel. He tells Victor he just proved he’s the sick one, not Sharon – Christian needs to be safe from his kind of love. Brittany and Nick assure Sharon she did great. Nick still believes he can win this. The arbitrator returns and awards temporary custody of Christian to Victor due to Sharon being in the home, with permanent custody to be determined at a later date. Brittany assures Nick she won’t give up. Victor thanks Michael and notifies Nick he’ll be by to pick up his grandson.

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At the Club, Abby and Lily catch up. Lily asks about Miami. Abby admits she and Arturo had a great time, but it’s over. Lily isn’t convinced he’s not what Abby wants. Abby fills her in on the fling with Nikki, but is forced to admit he’s pretty appealing aside from that. Abby notes Victor’s not a fan and Arturo may have decided it’s not worth it. Lily knows Abby’s been burned before, but urges her to push past the fear and see if there’s something there.

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At Neil’s penthouse, he shows Jack a box he found in storage at Hamilton-Winters containing Dina’s old diaries – he may find his father in the pages. Jack fishes out two journals from around the time he was conceived – he’s frightened about what might be inside. Neil assures him it won’t change the man he is, and lightens things up by joking he could find out Victor’s his dad. Jack chuckles that the math doesn’t add up, and asks Neil to toss him the journal. He reads about charity meetings and Dina seeing Katherine at the Embers. A fight with John over his time at work is referenced; Dina recalls meeting a man on the terrace while stewing, then dancing with him and sharing a kiss. She wrote, “The universe turned on its axis, never to be the same.” Dina doesn’t write in the journal for a while, then returns, talking about the wonderful illicit affair being conducted at the Stardust Inn. Jack curses; the page with her lover’s name is torn out. He and Neil speculate about the missing pages. Jack has to find them.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo becomes agitated on a call when an agreement is abruptly terminated.

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At the Dive Bar, Arturo sees Abby seeing off another man. She explains he was a business associate. Arturo tells her a big client just pulled out of a renovation – he agrees her father might be behind his bad luck. Abby says he doesn’t know when to back off; she’s sorry. Arturo will deal with Victor, and will keep his distance so Abby doesn’t suffer more collateral damage. Abby stops him from leaving. She hasn’t enjoyed not seeing him and wants to give him a second chance. He regrets not telling her about Nikki. Abby understands if he wants to walk away. Arturo kisses her deeply – says he’s not walking away – then kisses her again.

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