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At home, Nick talks about how much he loves being a dad. Brittany Hodges, (played by Lauren Woodland), tells him that’s exactly how she wants him to speak at the arbitration – from the heart. Sharon thanks her for coming and warns they have to expect anything from Victor. Brittany saw Nick say goodbye to Christian and did not see an uncle and nephew, but a father and son.

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At the arbitration venue, Victor warns Michael he expects a victory today. Neil, Sharon and Brittany arrive. Nick becomes accusatory toward Victor when he explains Nikki’s not there because her MS flared up. The mediator begins speaking but Sharon interrupts to ask Nick and Victor to consider working this out on their own. They decline. Nick won’t give Victor any rights to Christian, and Victor wants all or nothing. Michael makes his opening statement, painting Victor as a pillar of the community and a proud family man who deserves custody of his grandson. Brittany opens by saying Christian is happy and healthy thanks to the only father he’s ever known; removing him from Nick’s care would do irreparable damage. Michael puts forth Christian’s paternity results and Victor explains why he refuses to lose the link to Christian with Nick threatening to leave town, and characterizes his son as impetuous and uncaring of his family’s welfare. Brittany cross-examines, putting Victor on the defensive about his own children being raised by their mother and nannies, as well as his age. She accuses Victor of suing for custody to punish Nick for refusing to return to Newman Enterprises. Nick talks about Christian’s birth, Sage’s death, Adam and Chelsea wanting him to raise Christian, Sharon raising the boy for the first year of his life, and his ability to spend a lot of time with his kids. He testifies that Adam didn’t want his son influenced by Victor, and explains why he refused to return to Newman due to Victor’s deceptive move to punish his sister. Michael cross-examines Nick, and has him admit he relied on his father, who always supported him. He forces Nick to confirm Victor has great relationships with his other children, and accuses him of using Christian to punish his father. Nick’s subsequent outburst gets him a warning. They take a break. Brittany reassures Nick, while Victor tells Michael, “You know what needs to be done.” When the session resumes, Michael calls a witness – Sharon Newman.

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Arturo is driving in his vehicle when he suddenly gets pulled over by the police.

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In the Dive Bar, Kyle hopes Abby’s wearing Birthday Suit by Jabot. She grins about taking time away from Newman to speak with the local flasher. Kyle suggests she leave the company and return to Jabot. Abby explains the timing is off – her parents are both at Newman and she needs to prove herself. Summer arrives, and Abby snarks that the exhibitionist is starting to annoy her. Kyle agrees. Abby feels neither of them need the drama. In the dining room, Jack updates Neil that Dina has been unable for remember his father’s name, but said they were in love. He declares the hunt is on. Neil warns Jack to put in some careful thought before diving deep on this – he may learn things better left hidden. Kyle appears and makes an appeal for Jack to return to Jabot – Billy agrees. Jack’s moved by the acknowledgment of his accomplishments, and promises to consider it. Meanwhile, at the Dive Bar, Arturo tells Summer about his speeding ticket, then calls over to Abby, who joins them. Summer protests that she didn’t know anything was going on between them, and suggests that Arturo deserves a second chance. Abby will give him a few minutes. In the dining room, Summer greets Jack, who informs her he’s accepted what Phyllis has with Billy, then relays that he’s not an Abbott. Summer learned a lot while off finding herself and urges Jack to book his own journey…pronto. After, Summer asks Kyle to join her and questions him about the news he’s not an Abbott. Kyle protests his name’s still Abbott and he’s still a ‘somebody’, before leaving. At the Dive Bar, Arturo fills Abby in on his sudden streak of bad luck with tickets and paperwork. Abby thinks she knows precisely who’s to blame – her overprotective father. Nearby, Kyle asks Jack if he has an answer about Jabot. Jack doesn’t think he’d be happy starting his own company or returning to Jabot.

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