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At the ranch, Nick’s upset at Victor using Christian’s paternity to get to him. They argue as Nick points out Victor’s not above using the boy as a pawn. It comes out how long Victor has known the truth. Victor says he never used it against him. Nick replies, “Until now.” Vic maintains that Christian will be the future of Newman, but Nick retorts that he won’t decide that for him, and neither will Victor. His father insists it’s his legacy. Nick wants none of his kids molded in Victor’s image. He thanks his dad for showing his hand – he hasn’t changed and never will. Nick slams out and Victor cries.

Kyle’s happy to see Traci at the Abbott house, but has to go to work. She wants a proper talk and asks, “Where do you stand with this family?” They discuss Kyle’s hope that Victor would mentor him. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt, he just felt like an outsider. Traci urges him not to give up on his dad, and suggests maybe they can both get through to him. They find a note from Jack asking to forward his mail to the Club.

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At the Club bar, Jack drinks and scoffs to himself that the way his mother got around, the bartender may be family. Kyle and Traci show up to confront him about moving out. Traci won’t stand for his self-pity. Jack continues to lament his situation and mentions Kyle’s betrayal. Kyle insists he wants to make amends. Jack feels Kyle’s words are meaningless and urges them to toddle along. Kyle admits to making mistakes and regrets going to Victor – he needed someone to take him seriously. Traci asks Kyle to go, and points out the parallel of a son trying everything he can to make his father proud. “Like father, like son.” Traci asks Jack to reconsider moving out, for Dina’s sake. Jack refuses. Traci argues it’s his home and they’re no less family. She reminds him of playing hide & seek there as kids – he’s the heart and soul of that house. “We need you, your son needs you.” Jack loves her, but feels like a stranger in his own home. Traci cries as Jack insists he has to find out who he is aside from John Abbott’s son, and in that house that’s all he can be. They embrace. Traci assures him the door’s always open.

Devon spots Mattie and Charlie at Crimson Lights. Charlie’s fixated on his phone, waiting to hear from Shauna, who hasn’t reached out. Mattie and Devon urge him to text her. Charlie wants advice, but Devon only tells him to be himself. Charlie texts her and then agonizes when he doesn’t hear back. Devon reassures him. Mattie tells him to chill out. Much later, Mattie leaves Charlie still staring at his phone. Suddenly, Shauna appears. She’s upset, has run away, and asks him to hide her.

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At GC Buzz, Mariah talks aloud to Hilary, but she’s not there. When she finds her, Hilary is tense and phones the doctor’s office to fit her in. Mariah needs to know what they’re doing for the live show, but Hil’s distracted. Mariah wonders what’s going on with her. Later, Devon arrives, and Mariah relays Hilary’s acting weird. Devon seeks her out, and Hilary promises Mariah is imagining things. She leaves to run an errand. When Hilary returns, Mariah tells her Devon left. An emotional Hilary falls into a stunned Mariah’s arms. After, Hilary reveals she just came from her OB/GYN’s office – she’s pregnant! Mariah’s confused, so Hilary explains.

At home, Nick tells a photo of Christian that Grandpa is out of their lives. Victor arrives and warns Nick if he tries to keep Christian from him he’ll take him to court and sue for custody. Nick scoffs that his name is on the birth certificate. Victor hollers that Adam is Christian’s real father. Nick reminds his father that Adam entrusted his sons to him – so they wouldn’t fall under Victor’s influence. He will fight any move to take his son. Nick notes Victor’s a convicted felon and could wind up barred from seeing his grandchildren. Victor calls Nick arrogant – and promises he would regret taking him on given his resources. Vic bellows, “Do you think you can beat me?” Nick glares. Vic brings up Sharon’s past and how it shows Nick’s bad judgement. Nick can’t believe he’d drag Faith’s mother through the dirt again, and won’t be intimidated. Victor shrugs – they’ll let a judge and jury decide.

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Traci arrives at home and updates Kyle that Jack needs space to find his way again. Kyle’s disappointed, and concerned about Jack not having his job, family or home to fall back on.

At the Club, Devon joins Jack, who chit chats about pregnancy and fatherhood. Jack announces he’s forging a new path, and Devon might be able to help him.

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