At home, Reed’s dismayed that Victoria’s set up a going away party for him, but hugs her. She hopes the whole family will be there, but Reed notes one person won’t be.

At the Abbott house, Kyle offers to take Dina for a bite to eat at the Club. Abby appears and questions if it’s a good idea, but Kyle insists he’s got this.

In the Club, Devon accuses Hilary of announcing their pregnancy on TV to break up him and Simone.Kyle-Dina-press-name-YR-CBS She’d better hope his girlfriend doesn’t call the whole thing off. After, Devon meets Simone to insist that nothing has to change between them. Later, Kyle, pretending to be Dina’s former paramour, presses her to call him by his name. She becomes upset when she can’t remember.

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At the ranch, Victor informs Nikki his doctor advised against him attending Reed’s party. He told Reed he loves him when he was by earlier. Nikki kisses Victor and leaves. Once alone, Victor phones someone to come to the ranch. Victor-Arturo-distrust-YR-CBSSoon, Arturo arrives. Vic says it will just be the two of them, and asks about the numbers – is Arturo providing other services he doesn’t know about? Arturo doesn’t need to look at the numbers, he’s good at what he does, and thinks Nikki’s in complete control. Victor says they’re through for now.

At Sharon’s place, Mariah breaks a plate and her mother screams. Nick and Mariah both think she’s been acting wonky. Nick’s going to Reed’s party and invites Sharon, who hedges. Mariah urges her to go, so she agrees.

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Billy and Phyllis arrive at Reed’s party. The women leave Billy to fill Reed in on boarding school from the male perspective. In the kitchen, Phyllis and Victoria discuss Reed leaving making it easier for Vikki to move on. Nikki arrives and joins them. Billy marvels at the women bonding. Nikki then joins Reed – she’ll miss him. Reed mentions missing his dad, and says he had a good talk with Victor. After, Nick arrives with Sharon, and the other women look wary. Sharon joins them and Phyllis reminds them they can’t act like BFFs. Nearby, Nick and Billy remark on the girls’ new friendships. Abby joins the party in time to hear Sharon calling Phyllis out for trying to seduce Kyle,Nick-Victoria-party-YR-CBS and Nikki snarking at Sharon, as they cover. Abby’s sorry she missed their ‘killer’ party. After Reed talks to Billy about missing his father, Sharon tells Reed she’s sorry he’s going through this, and he’s puzzled at her interest. Vikki informs Reed someone else came – it’s Mattie. They talk, and Reed apologizes for driving drunk; she’s a good friend. Mattie says she’s not perfect, but Reed thinks she’s amazing. He vows to turn his life around and one day come back. They’ll miss each other and hug.Reed-Mattie-party-YR-CBS Nick watches and assures Vikki that Reed will be okay. He asks if she knows what’s going on with Sharon. Victoria shrugs that she’s prone to being dramatic. Sharon flashes to Nikki hitting JT and tells Nick she’s taking off. Phyllis and Nikki worry about reining her in. After the party, Victoria tears up, and Reed tells her not to feel guilty about JT not being there, it’s on him. They embrace.

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Hilary visits her OB/GYN, who is surprised to hear she got pregnant the traditional way. Hilary enthuses about proper nutrition and booking an ultrasound,Hilary-not-pregnant-YR-CBS but the doctor has disappointing news, “I’m sorry, you’re not pregnant, Hilary.” She explains Hilary had a chemical pregnancy that didn’t implant in the uterus, hence the positive tests. Hilary, deflated, realizes Devon will think she made the whole thing up.

Hilary arrives at the Club and wants to speak to Devon, but he won’t leave Simone out of the conversation. Hilary says she just wanted to let him know she saw her OB/GYN, then walks away and agonizes.

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At GC Buzz, Hilary’s dismayed to find Mariah surrounded by baby gifts from her fans. Mariah urges Hil to go on air and tell them how excited she is to be pregnant. They go live and Mariah raves about the overwhelming response to Hilary’s pregnancy. Hilary thanks everyone for the gifts and tears up as Mariah starts holding them up. Devon appears.

Dina and Kyle return home, and Abby appears to ask about their outing. Dina giggles at Kyle before going to lie down. Abby urges Kyle to keep making her happy.

At the ranch, Nikki learns Victor called Arturo over and doesn’t trust him. Nikki says she’ll be the judge of that and refuses to fire him. Vic warns if she keeps him around, there’ll be trouble.

At the Club, Phyllis spots Sharon at the bar and threatens to lace up her strait jacket if she doesn’t keep quiet.

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Mariah asks what Hilary is hiding as Devon looks on.

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