Nikki arrives at the hospital, fuming that Victor told the doctor he was leaving tonight. Victor will have a doctor come to the house and asks about JT. Suddenly, Helen appears. Nikki clucks about Victor getting his mistress to drive him home. Victor asks where Nikki was the night he was attacked. He wants the man’s name. Nikki notes it’s not in the spirit of their agreement. Vic tells Helen it’s time to go.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Sharon they don’t need Nick hiring PIs to find JT.Phyllis-Sharon-Nick-call-YR-CBS She decides Sharon will have to distract him and get him in line. Sharon receives a text from Nick, who wants to meet…at Chancellor Park garden. Phyllis works to calm Sharon, who thinks she’s just as freaked out. Phyllis reminds her not to blab, and tells her to go find out what Nick knows.

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At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley figure Kyle will make another gambit to take over Jabot. Abby’s bitter that Victor chose to team up with Kyle, not her. Ash notes Kyle was willing to betray the Abbotts. Kyle arrives and asks, “Any more room at the inn?” Jack quips, “No vacancies at the Newman ranch?”Jack-Kyle-move-in-YR-CBS Kyle presses to move in. Dina appears – she votes yes. Ashley, Abby, and Jack step aside to whisper about Kyle’s request. Jack thinks it’s better they’re under the same roof. Ash concedes, but reserves the right to change her mind. Meanwhile, Dina chats up Kyle about the Club. Ash, Jack, and Abby note her smile, and Jack notifies Kyle he can take the room above the pool. Conveniently, Kyle has his bags. Abby gets a message that Victor’s being released. Charlie arrives to get the last of Dina’s interview videos and Abby hands them over. After, she assures Ashley she kept the incriminating memory card. Ash wants to burn it. After, Kyle remarks on them having a fire on a warm spring night. Later, Kyle sneaks downstairs, finds the memory card in the fireplace, and takes it.

At the Club, Lily talks to Cane about how much she loves her job. He teases about taking her to the coatroom, and she asks him to dance.

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At Chancellor Park, Nick tells a nervous Sharon the park seems to have secrets, before announcing he wants to plant a vegetable garden there. He regrets leaving her out of the project meeting and seeks her input on the garden. Sharon agrees to talk…but not there. Later, Lily and Cane arrive and discuss JT and Victor – he knew JT and Vikki had troubles. They’re glad they made it through their own issues. They reflect on JT becoming violent. Cane wouldn’t put it past Victor to lie, but wonders why JT would leave if he’s innocent.

At the ranch, Nikki texts Arturo but he’s busy so she announces she’ll have dinner with Victor and Helen. Later, as Helen’s preparing to leave, Jack arrives. He accuses Helen of spying on him. Nikki-Victor-run-in-Jack-YR-CBSNikki reveals she’s Victor’s lover. Jack plans to terminate her. Once Helen’s gone, Nikki assures Jack she has her own friends, and it’s irrelevant what he thinks of her and Victor’s arrangement. Jack reveals he came for Victor’s undying thanks for calling 911. Vic learns he was arrested and Jack admits to taking his hard drive and discovering the emails from Kyle. Jack thinks Vic went after his son because he was with Nikki. Vic calls him a fool. Jack warns he’ll fight if Victor comes after his company, and will destroy him if he comes after his son.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis laughs oddly when Sharon informs her Nick wants to plant a vegetable garden in the park, and questions if he’d go through with it. Nick asks what’s wrong with her, and why she’d think that. Phyllis knows he’ll be focused on finding JT, and urges him to leave it alone – it’s a hopeless cause. Nick wants to go see Paul, but Phyllis reminds him Victoria would have to go through a trial if he’s found. Nick leaves. Sharon tells Phyllis she looks like she needs a shower. Phyllis informs Sharon she did her part, it’s time for her to pull her weight.

At Sharon’s place, Nick muses to Sharon that perhaps Phyllis is right and it’s enough JT’s far away from his sister. He marvels at JT having them fooled for so long. They watch a movie and bicker over ice cream.

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