At Crimson Lights, Phyllis orders a gallon of coffee from Sharon while Billy tells Johnny and Katie to stay on the patio. He joins the women and remarks on the shocker that JT was the one who tried to kill Victor. When Billy turns away, Phyllis warns Sharon to keep her answers short and not to even think of coming clean like she did with Nick. Billy turns back, remarks on them bonding, and wonders what goes on at these girls’ nights.

Nikki-Victor-hospital-YR-CBSIn the hospital, a frail-sounding Victor wonders where Nikki was last night. Nikki explains she was with Victoria. Victor reveals that JT hurt their daughter physically and stammers, “Find JT. No police.” Nikki warns JT could be far away by now, but intones that she will go as far as he would, perhaps even further, to protect Victoria.

At home, Victoria answers her door to Paul, who has a search warrant to seek clues to JT’s whereabouts. Paul and his officer head up to the bedroom. Billy and Phyllis arrive and discuss JT’s imminent arrest. Phyllis is stunned to learn Paul’s upstairs. Billy hopes Paul finds something that leads him to JT. Victoria-Paul-search-YR-CBSPhyllis and Victoria grab the fireplace poker while Billy’s with Paul. Paul reveals he found a tablet and Victoria thinks it’s her dad’s. As Paul leaves, Billy and Phyllis both get calls about the Jabot board meeting. Phyllis tells Billy she has to run an errand and he wonders what’s more important than saving Jabot. Later, Nikki arrives and learns of Paul’s search. Victoria thanks God for Phyllis, who smuggled out JT’s cellphone and the poker. Vikki frets about the rug, which is in the ranch garage, and suggests they ask Victor for help, but Nikki warns he might blackmail them in the future. Victoria learns her father knows JT abused her and blames herself for letting things go too far. She gets a call from Phyllis, who threw the poker in a lake and the phone in a dumpster. Suddenly, Reed enters – he needs to talk to his dad, and accuses Vikki of cutting JT out of his life, but Nikki breaks the news his father tried to kill Grandpa. Vikki warns Reed he may never hear from his dad again.

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At Jabot, Lauren tells Kyle his IPO is DOA since Jack is being released. Kyle is stunned to hear Victor named his attacker, and tells Lauren not to count him out just yet.

At Hamilton-Winters, Neil remarks to Devon on walking in on him and Hilary fighting like they were still married. He hopes Simone will be the only woman in his life. Lily appears crowing about her successful scouting trip. Neil is stunned to learn they have a modeling division. Devon explains he didn’t want to burden him. Neil next learns Hilary works there when she arrives.Abby-Ashley-call-Kyle-YR-CBS Neil leaves, demanding a full report on all Hamilton-Winters activity while he was gone. In the dining room, Abby and Ashley are relieved about Jack being released. Ash takes a call from Kyle, who announces he’s convening a special meeting of the board at 11:00 AM sharp and disconnects.

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At the hospital, Neil assures Victor he’ll work to make sure JT’s conduct doesn’t reflect poorly on the family. Victor’s glad to see him. Neil returns the sentiment. They bond a little over the challenges of running a family business.

At the station, Ashley and Abby argue with Paul when he won’t allow them to get Jack’s signature on a proxy.

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In Jabot’s office, Kyle calls the judge and lies that Victor Newman would like him to stall Jack Abbott’s release. Later, in the corridor, Ashley whispers to Abby that they may need to resort to plan B. Kyle appears and they get into it about him teaming with Victor. Billy arrives and warns him about double-crossing the mustache. He reveals he has Traci’s proxy. After, Kyle holds his meeting. The vote ends up tied when Phyllis arrives. Lauren pressures her, and Phyllis votes in favor of going public. Ashley warns Kyle he’ll deeply regret this. She announces she can prove he doesn’t have the authority to run this company. Kyle invites her to do so. Suddenly, Jack busts in, declares the vote null and void, and orders Kyle out of his chair.

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At Crimson Lights, Nikki needs Sharon’s help. Later, they return having put the rug down an incinerator. Nikki muses if only it were that easy to get rid of the memories and guilt.

Neil returns to Crimson Lights and demands that Hilary pack up and move back to her studio. Hilary argues, but Neil just wants her away from the family. Hil reveals the next member of the family could be growing inside her. Devon reveals they decided to have a child.

In the hospital, Victoria addresses the abuse with Victor. She feels she was weak and should have had more courage – he wouldn’t be there if not for her. Victor blames JT and reminds her, “Always listen to your mother.” Vikki kisses his head.

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