At the hospital, Nick takes a call from Mariah who tells him the police are looking for JT. Nick fills her in on Victor’s communication to him. Mariah’s worried since her mother, Nikki, and Phyllis are all with Victoria. Nick says he’s headed there.

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At Victoria’s place, the four women stand in the bedroom looking down at JT’s body under the blanket. Vikki frets that Reed’s father deserves a decent burial. Sharon contemplates actually going out tonight…with shovels. Phyllis stresses they must act quickly and bickers with Sharon. Victoria says they will solve this together. Sharon points out the ground is frozen. Nikki suggests leaving him at the ER. Vikki won’t dump him. Sharon wants to throw him in Lake Michigan, but Phyllis rants about getting a boat. Nikki knows where a hole is already dug – the garden at Chancellor Park. Sharon muses it would be a quiet resting place.Victoria-Nick-wont-leave-YR-CBS They all agree. Phyllis states, “Now for the fun part, getting him out of here.” She advises it’s not going to be easy. Before long, they get a rug out from the attic and roll JT’s body in it. They’re halfway down the stairs, when Nick knocks and calls out. He carries on for a while, before they finally open the door and explain they’re having a get together. Nick relays that Victor named JT as his attacker. Victoria reacts with appropriate shock. He asks if JT’s been there. Phyllis says Victoria and JT split up. Nick asks why. Victoria lies that it was a mutual decision. Nick won’t leave until the police find JT. They work to get rid of him. Phyllis pretends she’s on the phone with Paul, who’s putting police on the house. Victoria assures Nick that she’s good with mom and her crew. Nick goes. Sharon worries Paul may actually send a squad car; they must hurry. The women slide the body out the back.

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In Paul’s office, Jack snarks about getting the royal treatment. Christine divulges that Victor’s awake and has identified his attacker – JT Hellstrom.Christine-follow-protocol-YR-CBS Jack grumbles about being wrongly accused. Chris points out he stole Victor’s hard drive, but apologizes. Jack’s upset Chris thought him capable of murder. He turns to leave but Christine can’t release him without following legal protocols. Jack phones Michael, who confirms he’ll have to stay one more night. Jack’s angry that an innocent person spends another night in jail while a murderer runs free.

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Devon gives Tessa instructions at Hamilton-Winters then spots Hilary at her desk. She’s developing an idea connecting artists with non-profits and wants Devon to go over it. She stands, gets light-headed, and says she hasn’t eaten. Devon reveals he’s meeting someone for drinks. Hil realizes he’s seeing Simone, and reminds him she could be carrying his child. Devon accuses her of being jealous and she smirks. Devon asks her to tell her ideas to Tessa while getting food – she shouldn’t be skipping meals. In the Club dining room, Tessa convinces Hilary to pitch her ideas, but Devon and Simone sit at the bar. Neil-return-YR-CBSHe reassures Simone about Hilary, who hears her name and confronts them. Devon advises it’s a private discussion and they start bickering. Hilary passes out, then wonders if this means she could be pregnant. Devon, thinking she faked it, calls the move ‘low’, even for her. Hilary’s outraged and Simone sneers, “Melodramatic much?” Devon pulls Hilary aside and regrets getting into this mess with her. Hilary shouts it wasn’t a mess when Simone was out of town and he had sex with her…twice. They’re squabbling loudly when suddenly Neil enters and orders them to stop!

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At Sharon’s house, Nick confides in Mariah that the women at Victoria’s had a strange vibe. Mariah agrees – when she woke up it didn’t feel like a party any more. They discuss the break-up. Nick wants more answers on why Victoria and JT split.

At Chancellor Park, the women locate the hole. Phyllis and Sharon snark as the blonde worries. They get the body into the hole and discuss getting rid of the rug. Victoria takes the shovel and throws a spade full of dirt over JT’s body.

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