Victoria arrives home with her kids and has Reed take the little ones upstairs. Vikki looks at a framed photo of her wedding to JT and flashes back. Reed reappears, seeking an explanation for canceling the trip and leaving his dad behind. Victoria is reluctant to explain, so Reed slams out to spend the night at Rick’s.

At Crimson Lights, Reed tells Sharon his mother pulled the plug on their vacation. Billy appears and Reed complains, “Mom did it again. The wedding’s off.” After, Mariah arrives to find Sharon with the ingredients for margaritas.Sharon-Mariah-invite-YR-CBS Sharon reveals Victoria needs a girls’ party. They sit to make a list of Victoria’s friends, but can’t think of any girls. Sharon calls Abby, who hangs up on her. Mariah points out just the three of them would be sad. Nikki enters. Mariah says the three of them and Victoria’s mother would be sadder. Sharon approaches Nikki, updates her on the canceled vacation, and invites her to girls’ night. Nikki shoots a weird look.

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At Newman Enterprises, Ashley’s surprised to see Victoria, who just wants to be productive. Ashley has a security question for JT, but Vikki snaps it won’t be possible to reach him before breaking down in tears.Victoria-break-down-office-YR-CBS Ashley’s sympathetic as Victoria explains that she and JT broke up and definitely won’t be getting back together, nor will he be working there. She reveals JT leaked the memo and Ash is shocked. Victoria says he did it to humiliate her into leaving town with the kids. Ashley tells Victoria her resilience is one of her finest qualities, but warns she won’t step down from her position. Victoria wouldn’t expect anything less and plans to prove herself. After, Billy shows up. He tells Vikki he ran into Reed and offers to take the kids. Vikki needs to tell them about JT first. Billy holds her as she cries.

Billy-convince-Phyllis-YR-CBSIn the Club, Billy takes a call from Sharon, who presses him to get Phyllis to attend her girls’ night. Billy looks grim as Phyllis appears. He broaches the subject of a girls’ night with Victoria and Sharon. She asks if Christine will be driving. Billy convinces her by saying Victoria’s going through a rough time.

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At home, Victoria tells Katie and Johnny that JT won’t be living with them anymore and they’re spending the night with their dad. Later, Victoria answers the door to Mariah and Sharon shouting, “Surprise!” She tries to get out of it, but Sharon says the others will be there soon. Nikki arrives as the margaritas get passed around. Mariah goes to make her a virgin drink as Phyllis arrives.Victoria-girls-night-YR-CBS Sharon declares girl’s night ‘officially on’. Victoria ends up announcing that she and JT broke up. The girls try to lift the mood and share a toast to having the most fun they can in one night. As the tequila kicks in, Phyllis urges Nikki to tell the truth. Nikki admits she and Victor have an open marriage, and she has a boy toy. Victoria chugs her margarita. Mariah’s next to share – she reveals she kissed a girl and she liked it. Everyone’s encouraging. The spotlight turns to Sharon living with Nick, but the doorbell rings – it’s JT. JT-Victoria-done-YR-CBSShe steps outside and he apologizes and promises never to overstep again if she gives him one more chance. Inside, Sharon accuses Phyllis of being jealous over Nick. Phyllis shrugs it off. Sharon discovers Mariah has passed out as Nikki clucks about bartending on an empty stomach. She’s put in the den to sleep it off. Outside, JT continues his pitch for forgiveness, but Victoria says she’s done with him, and should have been the minute he grabbed her throat. She orders him off the property. Inside, Victoria lies that Abby was at the door, but when Phyllis talks about them all being women who stick up for themselves, she can’t keep lying. Victoria tearfully reveals she’s been covering up something for months and admits, “JT abused me.”

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At the Abbott house, Ashley is perturbed by Kyle’s appearance and reminds him Dina’s not on the board. Kyle-Ashley-spar-Yr-CBSHe wanted to bond with his grandmother. Ashley notes he’s trying to sink his greedy claws into Grandpa’s company. Kyle argues an infusion of cash is good, but she thinks he’s leaving Jabot open to a hostile takeover. They spar about Victor, Kyle goes too far, and Ashley orders him out. Kyle apologizes but invites her to enjoy Jabot’s profitable ride. Ash snarks that she’s already motion sick. Later, Billy arrives, having left the kids with Hannah, and Ash updates him on her concerns about Kyle’s plans.

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