At the hospital, Nikki explains how she went along with Victoria running the company. Victor points to the tablet, indicating he wants to see his daughter. Nikki reports that JT and Victoria took the kids to Hawaii.

In Hawaii, JT wants the whole family to go off the grid and put away their cellphones. Vikki’s reluctant, but gives in. Reed takes the kids to the beach and JT broaches the topic of never going back to Genoa City. Victoria grows concerned when she realizes he’s serious. She points out she couldn’t keep Johnny and Katie from their father. JT thinks she’s better off away from JT-Victoria-never-go-home-YR-CBSVictor and Newman Enterprises. Victoria feels the good still outweighs the bad. JT accuses her of being selfish, but she argues if anyone’s being selfish it’s him. He exits. Victoria realizes JT has locked up their phones. He returns, and refuses to unlock the drawer. JT’s phone rings in his pocket. Victoria’s furious he kept his out and locked hers away. She snatches his phone, reads his texts with Paul, and learns he’s been working to bring down her dad. JT admits it and works to make her understand why he did it. Victoria asks if he leaked the memo to the press. JT did, because he loves her, and wanted to get her out of the prison she calls an office. Victoria seethes about the damage to her reputation. JT presses her to stay in Hawaii, in their new life. Victoria is done and won’t be staying or going anywhere with him. He warns if she walks out he won’t take her back. She leaves.

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At home, Billy unsuccessfully tries to convince Phyllis to play hooky from work. She suggests he come with her to Jabot. Phyllis-advise-Nick-YR-CBSThey open the door and Nick’s there looking to speak with Phyllis. Billy leaves. Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon’s blind date threw him. Phyllis reminds him he ignored her warning about moving in with Sharon. She advises him to run for the hills, but he admits they already kissed. Phyllis wonders if Sharon’s after Nick…or Christian. Nick feels Sharon’s behaved totally appropriately, but Phyllis thinks she’s playing the long game and the date was to make him jealous.

Billy gets coffee at Crimson Lights and they discuss Nick and Phyllis. Sharon informs him they bonded over video games. Billy relays that Nick’s over at their place again looking for advice. Sharon shrugs that it’s none of her business, and Billy’s surprised she’s that nonchalant about it.

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At Jabot, Lauren updates Phyllis that Kyle plans to take the company public. Phyllis wonders if he’s looking for a war with Jack. Lauren says he won’t have much say in jail. Phyllis decides they need to stop him, Lauren-Phyllis-vote-YR-CBSand is surprised Lauren is all for it as it would help her and Fenmore’s. Billy arrives and Phyllis fills him in. Billy understands Lauren’s stance but asks her to reconsider her vote. They argue as Phyllis can’t believe she’s okay with Victor and Kyle taking over Jabot. Lauren feels it’s her one opportunity to buy back her company. Billy leaves. Lauren reminds Phyllis she works for her, and she expects her to vote for what’s good for Fenmore’s.

At the hospital, Nikki and Nick are with Victor, who spells ‘JT’ on his tablet. They don’t get his urgency, though he keeps pointing to the tablet. In the hall, Nick spots the brunette woman who had visited Victor and confronts her. Nikki appears and watches as Nick calls Paul – he thinks he found the person who attacked Victor and wants him to come make an arrest.

At the station, Paul is questioning the brunette from the hospital when Jack is brought through and recognizes Helen, Jabot’s chemist. Paul wonders if Jack sent her to finish off Victor. Nikki-meet-Helen-YR-CBSLater, Paul tells Nikki the woman had a sound reason for visiting Victor, and brings her in to meet Helen…Victor’s mistress. Nikki glares. Helen insists Victor told her they had an open marriage. Nikki concedes it’s true. Helen explains how they met at the Club. Nikki advises Helen that she is the great love of his life, and Jack’s his greatest enemy – she should figure out where she fits into that mix.

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In the visitor’s room, Jack updates Billy, who asks why Helen would be visiting Victor. When Jack hears about Kyle’s plans he bangs his fist on the table and curses. He pleads with Billy to stop this, and also to find out Helen’s connection.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s and hears her comforting Christian in the baby monitor.

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