At home, Victoria admits to JT she’d decided to end things with him. JT learns she went back to see the therapist and is upset. Once dressed, they bicker, as JT complains about her lying to him and shouts that he’s not her father. He apologizes, but thinks that Victor is the one she needs out of her life.Victoria-JT-conseling-YR-CBS They embrace. Victoria apologizes for dumping her daddy drama on him. She still wants to continue with counseling. JT feels they should address their problems alone, but agrees, for her.

At the hospital, Nick he sees a brunette woman leaving Victor’s room. Nikki joins Nick in Victor’s room, and he reminds her it’s the day of the park dedication. They discuss the mystery woman; Nikki has no idea who she was.

Billy updates Jack, at the jail, about the scene with Kyle at Jabot. Jack appreciates Billy’s support but he’s frustrated being locked up and not being able to get through to his own son. Billy notes if Victor was coaching Kyle, they’ll have to work even faster.

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At Jabot, Kyle’s on the phone with New York when Ashley and Abby arrive. Kyle announces he’d like to move into the Abbott house. Ashley doesn’t want to introduce a new person into Dina’s environment and Abby backs her up.Kyle-Abby-updates-YR-CBS Kyle notes the irony of a full-blood Abbott being barred from the family home by a non-Abbott who works at Newman Enterprises. He backtracks when Abby snaps that her mother is an Abbott. He insists they’re all on the same side. Kyle asks for their patience, and wants to speak to Abby alone. He’d like her to keep him apprised of Victor’s condition. Abby’s surprised he doesn’t have the inside track and lets him know she doesn’t trust him with Jabot.

Devon greets Hilary at GC Buzz and they discuss her research on Katherine for the park dedication ceremony. Hil points out she’s their baby’s great-grandmother. Simone appears and Devon reveals that she’ll be singing the song at the dedication and Hilary will film it.

At the Club, Jill tells Esther she’ll be doing a dedication speech at the park. Esther worries if Nikki will like it, but Jill sniffs that she’ll be at Victor’s bedside.

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Jill-speech-park-YR-CBSAt the park, Devon introduces Simone to Esther and Jill. Jill begins her speech, announcing that she was Katherine Chancellor’s closest friend. Nikki appears and says, “Oh, I think you mean her closest enemy.” She thanks Jill for being her warm-up act and they argue about who should take a seat. Nikki declares she purchased the property while Jill was off traipsing around the world.Nikki-Jill-spat-YR-CBS They exchange insults until Nick interrupts and Devon introduces Simone. As Simone sings, Jill and Nikki spar verbally. Simone looks uncomfortable, and Hilary’s cameraman zooms in as Jill shouts, “Once a stripper always a stripper,” and Nikki throws a spade of dirt on Jill and retorts, “Eat dirt, bitch.” Nikki faints and everyone gasps.

At the jail, Jack tells Ashley he’ll hire Gloria back and promote her. Ashley advises him not to do anything crazy. Billy appears and says there’s an update in the case.

At the hospital, Nikki assures Nick and Victoria she’s fine and just had low blood sugar. JT looks concerned when Abby arrives with an update – blood was found at the scene of the crime and it’s not Victor’s or Uncle Jack’s. Later, Nikki learns Victor’s finally responding to the antibiotics. JT looks uncomfortable. When everyone goes to eat, JT puts up his hood, enters Victor’s room, and complains about him taking Colleen away and now wanting to take Victoria. “It’s either you or me.” JT dons a glove and switches off Victor’s life support.

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At the Club, Kyle runs into Hilary, and accepts her offer of a drink. In the dining room, they pass Devon and Simone’s table. Devon asks Hilary not to air the nastiness from Katherine’s dedication.Simone-Hilary-Kyle-Devon-YR-CBS She wouldn’t dream of it. Once seated, Kyle gets she’s trying to make Devon jealous and suggests they amp it up. Kyle kisses Hilary deeply while Devon and Simone gape. They recover, and discuss Katherine, before Devon decides to broach the topic of Hilary. When he’s interrupted by a call, Hilary makes her way over and informs Simone she and Devon will be co-parenting a child. Simone learns from Hilary’s expression that it won’t take place in a doctor’s office. After, Kyle gives Hil his number. She watches as Simone confronts Devon and tells him if there are any further ‘attempts’ they’re done. By the stairs, Ashley tells Abby that Kyle has fired longtime employees loyal to Jack. They have to use the blood Abbott clause against him.

Still at the park, Jill updates Katherine that Nikki’s going to be fine and complains about her leaving her without a sparring partner. Esther observes that Katherine would have loved the melee today. Jill realizes she’s right.

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