At the jail, Jack’s surprised to see Kyle, who came to put his mind at ease about Jabot, and insists they both want what’s best for the company. Jack’s skeptical, so Kyle works to convince him. Jack warns him not to get too comfortable in his chair.

Billy-Phyllis-boss-YR-CBSAt home, Phyllis complains about having to answer to Kyle; they’ve always had a complicated relationship. Billy replies, “How about I take over at Jabot?” He admits Ashley asked him to do it since Kyle can’t be trusted. Phyllis agrees with it. Billy assures her they’ll get more sex on the elevator, and she’s all in. They kiss.

JT asks Victoria, at home, if they’re ‘good’ following the counselor appointment. She assures him they’re fine, but then looks thoughtful. JT wants to brainstorm wedding plans. Vikki has to visit her dad first. JT plants a deep kiss on her as she leaves. Outside, Victoria phones someone to meet.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick she’s there for him with the stress surrounding Victor’s condition. Nick snaps that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Sharon apologizes for over-stepping and he apologizes.

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Phyllis visits Jack in jail and assures him there’s a plan in place for Jabot. Jack goes on about Kyle and sees the younger version of himself. Phyllis assures Jack he’ll get out of there. Jack asks her to visit Nick on his behalf so he knows he didn’t do this and still wants to be part of the project. Phyllis agrees to be his stand in on the project, New Hope. Later, JT arrives and Jack goes on about the spineless coward who is letting him take the fall for this. JT’s just glad Victoria’s not planning a funeral, and hopes Jack gets cleared.

At the Abbott house, Billy informs a relieved Ashley and Abby that he’ll take over at Jabot. Ash will call the board together and Abby goes to keep an eye on Kyle. There’s one more thing he has to do, and calls Cane over to explain he has to step up for his family and take over Jabot. Cane cracks a few jokes before wishing him well.

In her counselor’s office, Victoria tells the doctor she needs to make some decisions now as her kids are affected. Dr. Mosley asks if Vikki’s afraid. She’s scared of getting it all wrong,Doctor-Mosley-Victoria-YR-CBS and describes how she did once before with Billy. Victoria points out Billy never tried to control her as JT does – she can’t understand why she’s putting up with it. Talk turns to Victor. Victoria smiles that he will wake up and order them around, telling them what they did wrong. Mosley jots something down. Victoria realizes the doctor’s looking for a pattern, but insists JT’s different from her father. She continues that she thought Victor’s concerns about JT were unfounded until the other day. Victoria doesn’t understand why it changed; she’s tired and feels she’s walking on eggshells. She explains she had to cover bruises, it’s not who she is, and JT was never the type to lose control. Mosley questions if Victoria could live with things staying as they are now. Vikki walks out.

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At Jabot, Abby chats with Kyle, who is sorry for what’s going on with her dad. Abby admits she’s missed Kyle, but finds it strange he kept in touch with Victor. “Why the secrecy?” Kyle shrugs it off; his relationship with Victor has nothing to do with her, she’s not being squeezed out. Abby has a hard time believing him. Later, Billy and Ashley arrive and whisper with Abby. Kyle emerges from the office and Ash informs him she’s called a meeting to appoint Billy as CEO. Kyle points out the CEO has to be the highest-ranking Abbott employed at Jabot, and promises to block any efforts to install Billy. He invites them to close the door on their way out.

Phyllis-Nick-YR-CBSAt the Club, Phyllis presses Nick to say he believes Jack’s innocent. Nick has a lot of questions. Phyllis jokes about Victor’s resiliency, but Nick worries he could actually lose him. Nick opens up about his feelings about his father. Phyllis lets him know it’s okay to stop being strong.

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria imagines telling JT it’s not going to work and JT shouting before she shows him out with his suitcase. Inside, Mariah calls Sharon out on her hopes to rekindle a romance with Nick. Sharon won’t apologize, she thinks there’s still something between them.

JT-Victoria-make-love-YR-CBSAt home, Victoria tells JT she won’t let anyone control her. JT insists he respects her and goes on about her being strong and beautiful. He explains his anger was all about feeling he didn’t deserve her and says she is everything to him. They kiss and start undressing as they fall onto the sofa. JT whispers, “I love you so much.”

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