At the Club, Nick meets with Nikki and Arturo about the housing project. Arturo leaves, and Nikki reports they’re on hold. Nikki gets a call from the hospital and they take off. Up at Hamilton-Winters, Hilary and Devon discuss the possibility she’s pregnant. As Devon rubs her arm soothingly, Hilary opens up about being flooded with longing that it ‘took’ and how she wants to remember them conceiving together.Devon-Hilary-open-up-YR-CBS Later, in the dining room, Devon and Simone discuss Lily playing matchmaker. Simone notes he didn’t call, and Devon relays he was distracted, not disinterested. As they bond over their love of music, Hilary appears. Simone excuses herself and Hilary wonders if Devon told Simone he had sex with his ex-wife. She walks off when Simone returns.

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At home, Victoria updates JT that they’ve an appointment with a relationship counselor in an hour – she cleared his calendar so he could attend. Victoria gets a text from Nikki, and leaves for the hospital.

In Jack’s office,Gloria-fired-YR-CBS Kyle asks Gloria to get a new nameplate for the door, but she argues there’s no need. Kyle reminds her he’s CEO and when he asks her to do something, he expects it to be done. After, Kyle asks about information Jack didn’t share with New York. Gloria says it’s file under ‘need to know’ and she questions his right to sit in the chair. Kyle doesn’t understand Jack hiring her either, and tells her she’s fired.

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At the Abbott house, Abby tells Ashley there’s no change with Victor. They discuss Kyle taking over at Jabot, and Abby points out they know they’re not blood Abbotts. Dina busts in complaining about the whereabouts of the milkman. She denigrates Ashley for how she’s running the house and Ashley snaps at her. Billy arrives and Abby goes. Ashley and Billy discuss Kyle inserting himself at Jabot. Ash wants Billy to step in as CEO. Billy isn’t unwilling, but muses it won’t be easy.Ashley-denigrated-Dina-YR-CBS Later, Kyle arrives and asks Ashley about Jack’s legal situation. She confronts the issue with Kyle working with Victor. Kyle updates her that he unloaded on Jack about how he treated her – Jabot lost the Innovator of the Year. He feels Jack is being paranoid. Ash snaps, “Or perceptive.” Kyle insists he’s just trying to protect the family and Jabot. Dina appears with a tablet, upset that ‘John’s’ been arrested. She gets emotional – he must know the truth before he goes to prison. Kyle says it’s sometimes better to keep a secret, and introduces himself as John’s cousin, Kyle. Dina goes upstairs and Ashley wishes he’d known Dina before. Kyle confesses he fired Gloria. Ash cringes. She says Jack won’t like it and seems like a move from someone who plans on being more than temporary. Kyle replies, “We have to be prepared for anything.”

At the hospital, Nikki updates Nick, Abby, and Victoria that Victor’s gone into septic shock. They could be approaching a time of decision-making if his organs start shutting down. Victor’s left no instructions, so it’s Nikki’s decision, but she wants them to be a part of it. Victoria feels he wouldn’t want to live as a shell of himself, but will support whatever decision Nikki makes. After Victoria leaves, Nick thinks Victor chose not to leave instructions to test them. Once alone, Nikki rails tearfully at Victor for leaving her with this decision. Then she softens, kisses him, and says, “Thank you.” Later, a brunette woman arrives and kisses Victor’s hand.

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In relationship counseling, Victoria explains to Dr. Mosley (played by Rose Abdoo) that she and JT have petty disagreements and his ex, Mac, told her he was emotionally abusive. JT complains about Mac trying to sabotage his relationship with Victoria, but the counselor realizes Victoria has concerns. They talk about the issues with Victor when they were married previously. Vikki admits it was part of the reason they split, and she cheated on him. Mosley goes back to the emotional abuse, which is clearly one reason Victoria wanted counseling. Vikki opens up about how JT treats her, but he insists it’s out of love. When Mosley asks if things have become physical. JT replies, “Not really,” but Vikki says, “Yes.” The facts about their altercation come out with JT trying to downplay it. Victoria tells Mosley they need help. She suggests another session. JT agrees but looks unhappy.

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Abby-sees-Arturo-YR-CBSAt the Club, Gloria complains to Abby that Kyle fired her, and she needs to make it right or Jack will decimate her. Glo stalks off and Abby gets teary. Someone hands her a napkin – it’s Arturo. Introductions are made. He learns she’s a Newman and reveals he’s working with Nikki and Nick. She admits she’s terrified about her father. Arturo’s understanding.

At home, JT assures Victoria they’re great together – they don’t need a counselor to tell them that.

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