In the hospital, Victor opens his eyes. Ashley peppers him with questions, does he remember what happened? Does he know who did this to him? Victor croaks, “Victoria. Tell her…” and then his monitor alarm goes off. Ashley rushes out calling for a doctor.

At the police station, Jack gets his mugshot taken while Michael questions the arrest. Paul reveals the hard drive he found in Jack’s home office. Michael urges Jack to remain silent.

The next morning…

Jack awakens in jail.

At the hospital, Nikki reports to Ashley, Abby, Victoria, JT, and Nick that she gave permission for Victor to have surgery. Ashley describes what happened the night before and says he had something to tell Victoria. Vikki feels bad, then asks what Ashley was doing there anyway. Julia-Nikki-hospital-YR-CBSBickering about Newman ensues. Abby reminds Victoria of the ultimatum Victor laid down. Nikki lies that there was no demotion. Suddenly, Victor’s former wife, Julia Newman (played by Meg Bennett) appears – she could hear them arguing all the way down the hall. Introductions are made. Julia notices Victoria has her father’s eyes. She heard about Victor on the news. Nick reports there have been complications. Julia reports she has a family design business, and talks with Nikki about the dizzying effect of Victor’s attentions. He’s a force of nature. Nick reflects on three of Victor’s ex-wives coming together. The doctor appears – the hematoma was cleared but it’s still touch and go.

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In the Club, Billy’s irked when Kyle mentions Jack being held in Victor’s attempted murder. He warns Jack has evidence that he’s been working against family. Up at Hamilton-Winters, Devon, Mariah, and Tessa wait for Hilary. Mariah notes it’s the day of their insemination appointment. Hilary sweeps in – she was working all night due to Victor’s hospitalization. In the dining room, Cane and Lily agree to keep Hilary away from the doctor to give Devon another month to change his mind. They decide they’re superheroes. Up at Hamilton-Winters, Lily sends Devon to meet with a model. Devon assures Hilary he’ll make their appointment and leaves.Lily-Cane-HWG-YR-CBS Hilary tells Lily she’s so obvious it’s tragic. Cane invites Mariah and Tessa to take his reservation at a coveted restaurant, so they rush off. Lily spars verbally with Hilary, then she and Cane exit. They lock Hilary in the office. She phones Devon, screams at them to let her out, vows to destroy Cane, and warns Lily’s modeling agency will be history. Lily accuses her of rushing this before Devon can realize what a mistake this is. Eventually, Devon shows up, angry, and opens the door. Hilary’s asleep on the sofa. Devon wakes her – they’ve lost their appointment. Lily protests that this was for Devon’s own good. Devon orders Lily and Cane out and comforts Hilary. “I’m sorry.”

Gloria-Michael-Lauren-jail-YR-CBSBilly, Traci, Lauren, and Michael are all at the station trying to get bail for Jack. Gloria arrives and demands Jack’s release before alluding to the two of them rekindling their arrangement. Michael warns her not to make this worse. Jack’s brought out for the arraignment.

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At the Club, Michael’s grouchy as Lauren, Gloria and Traci can’t believe he was beat by Christine. Traci rants that Victor could have laid there for who knows how long if Jack hadn’t come along. Glo complains about Jack having been locked on a boat thanks to Victor. Lauren has faith in Michael.Hilary-Devon-old-fashioned-YR-CBS Upstairs, Hilary and Devon arrive in her suite. Devon’s stunned that Lily would do this. Hilary talks about Sam and how she wanted her own child. Devon suggests they not wait another month, but do it the old-fashioned way. Hilary’s okay with it. They kiss, then the clothes can’t come off fast enough. Devon carries Hilary to the bed to make love.

In the jail visitors’ room, Jack is joined by Kyle, who reports that Victor’s in surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain.Kyle-Jack-offended-YR-CBS Jack asks what his chances are, which Kyle warns could be taken as concern about the severity of his charges. Jack’s offended. They debate the situation at Jabot and the non-Abbott clause aimed at Ashley. Kyle scoffs at Jack nobly walking in John’s footsteps. Jack asks what Victor offered Kyle to turn against him. Kyle rants about Jack’s ego, while Jack accuses his son of molding himself in Victor’s image. Kyle baits Jack about Victor, and thinks he got home just in time.

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At the hospital, Billy reports Jack’s been arrested. No one believes he did it. Billy updates Abby and Ashley on Kyle’s return. Ashley gets a text, ‘the results are in’. Nikki goes to check on Victor. She tells the doctor he’s burning up. In the waiting area, JT wants to go home and tell Johnny and Katie about the engagement. Victoria looks at him appraisingly. Elsewhere, Abby and Ashley read the DNA results and give each other a stunned look.

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