At the Top of the Tower, Hilary reports on the Walnut Grove alumni reunion. By the bar, Victoria defends JT’s parenting to Mac, who implores Vikki not to make the same mistake she made. She feels a marriage would be a disaster in the making. Nearby, Hilary interviews Billy, who gestures to Phyllis and says he’s never been happier. After, Hilary steals Phyllis to update her that 9 months from tomorrow she may be a mommy. They enthuse over her impending artificial insemination with Devon.Hilary-Raul-Brittany-interview-YR-CBS Phyllis can’t wait to throw her a shower. Hil thinks the attendance would be low. Across the room, Lily notes to Cane there’s an open bar, and suggests she might be willing to do just about anything to stop Hilary’s plans with Devon. Meanwhile, Hilary interviews Brittany and Raul, who joke about whether they’ll be crowned King and Queen tonight. Brittany offers to perform. Hilary zips over to get a soundbite from Victoria and JT, but they refuse and stalk off. At the bar, JT learns Billy called Victoria and scoffs. Victoria questions Mac’s warning and wonders what’s driving her. JT sneers, “Thanks for the support,” and walks away. He spots Billy and grabs him, spills his drink in the process, as he warns him to stay out of his life or he’ll wish he had. Across the way,Mac-Billy-stop-marriage-YR-CBS Lily checks on Mac, who says the last couple of years with JT were a nightmare – his job disappointments turned him into someone with serious issues and he’s only getting worse. Lily shrugs that he seems the same, but Mac insists he’s not the same guy. Billy joins the conversation – if Mac knows a reason they should stop this marriage, she should say so. At a table, JT groans to Brittany that coming was a bad idea. Brit offers to represent him legally. Elsewhere, Billy and Mac find Victoria. Billy wants Vikki to know what she’s getting into.

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Kyle-look-at-Victor-YR-CBSIn the hospital, Kyle stands at the foot of Victor’s bed – he had to see for himself if it was true. He wonders if Victor’s faking, then deciding he’s not, tells him he’d better wake up soon or he’ll miss all the fun.

At the Abbott house, Ashley tells Abby she’ll help her with the DNA test. Just then, Jack slams in and questions why they’d ask Jill about their mother’s affairs. They bicker as Jack complains about them taking advantage of Dina’s confusion to learn something she wouldn’t have shared otherwise. Ash defends herself. Traci appears all dressed up for the Walnut Grove event. Ashley and Abby plan to get DNA once Traci and Jack leave.

At the station, Paul and Christine discuss Victor’s assault case. Christine finds it strange Victor gave all the staff the night off and decides they need to rattle some cages. Paul will see to it and sends her off to Top of the Tower to party.

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At the Abbott house, Ashley has arranged to have the DNA testing pushed through quickly and Abby’s about to collect samples. Paul arrives with an officer and they look in Jack’s office. He leaves with an evidence bag. Ashley and Abby return to DNA collecting.

At Top of the Tower, Hilary greets Jack and Traci as they arrive. Jack declines to comment on Victor’s situation. Next, Christine arrives, and Phyllis writes ‘Cricket’ on her name tag. Hilary appears and Chris invites Phyllis to tell the audience about the time she tried to run her over. Traci-colleen-scholarship-YR-CBSPhyllis mutters to Hilary, “She’s my Lily.” Nearby, Mac broaches the topic of JT’s emotional abuse with Victoria, who calls it ‘way off base’. Victoria deflects until JT appears and pulls her away. Lily takes the mic and introduces Traci, who announces a full scholarship in Colleen’s name. Traci gets choked up seeing Colleen’s friends in the crowd as she speaks. Jack swipes away a tear, and Traci joins JT, who muses that Colleen would be disappointed in him. He alludes to things he’s not proud of. Traci urges him to make amends,Kyle-Jack-confronation-YR-CBS but he’s not convinced it’s possible. Victoria joins and asks if JT’s okay. Elsewhere, Hilary tries to make nice with Cane and Lily, which only bolsters their desire to make Devon see sense. Meanwhile, Kyle arrives and blows off Billy, but Jack steps in his path. He confronts Kyle about associating with the Victor, the enemy. Hilary appears and Kyle turns his attention to her. Jack resumes grilling Kyle, but Paul appears and places Jack under arrest for attacking Victor.

At the hospital, Ashley sends Abby from Victor’s bedside, and tells Victor how much they all need him. She asks him for a sign that Jack wasn’t a part of this. Victor opens his eyes.

At home, Victoria updates JT on Mac’s claim of emotional abuse. JT rants, but Victoria reminds him of their fight. He points out she said ugly things and slapped him, which would make her an abuser. Victoria gasps, “What?” JT makes nice, and they embrace, but Vikki looks concerned.

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