At the police station, Paul informs JT the documents he recovered from Victor were fake. He feels either JT got played, or tried to play him. JT had no way of knowing they were fakes. Paul ends the investigation since they’ve no other leads. JT asks about another job with the feds. Paul won’t give him one since he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. JT seethes.

In the hospital, Nikki pleads with Victor to beat this. Victoria appears and joins in before asking Nikki to keep quiet about her demotion to keep Ashley from taking over their family business. Nikki’s hesitant since Victoria agreed to the demotion, but ultimately agrees.

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In the Club dining room, Jill takes credit for reuniting Cane and Lily, and Billy chimes in that he helped too. Jill remarks on Phyllis being late, and Cane and Lily have to go. Nearby, Abby sits with Dina, who calls Jill the ‘hussy’ who wanted to steal Katherine’s husband. This gives Abby pause for thought. Billy-Phyllis-Raul-Brittany-club-YR-CBSLater, Phyllis and Billy finish their meal with Jill and encounter Brittany Hodges (played by Lauren Woodland) and Raul Guitteriez (played by David Lago). They exchange hugs, and Billy reveals he and Phyllis are together. Across the room, Abby asks Jill to fill in some blanks in Dina’s story. She’s willing to try. At the bar, JT spots Billy and the others and turns to leave, but Brittany calls his name. She’s disappointed to hear he’s not attending the Walnut Grove Academy event and that he and Mac are divorcing.

At the Abbott house, Jack tries unsuccessfully to reach Kyle. Ashley enters and warns Jack that Paul has doubts about his story. Jack’s apoplectic that Ashley left Victor a voicemail warning he was on the way in a drunken rage. She shouts that she wasn’t trying to incriminate him, but he despises Victor. Jack points out he called 911 – he hates that the Newmans think he did this. Ash complains about Victoria’s latest powerplay. Jack doesn’t want to hear it. Later, Jill, Abby, and Dina arrive. Abby tells Ash she’s hoping Jill can provide insight on Dina’s past. Jill confirms that, according to Katherine, Dina had affairs with men at the Club. After, Ash reflects that Jill shed no light on Jack’s paternity. Abby wants to test his DNA.

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At the Top of the Tower, Charlie and Mattie check in guests.JT-Raul-Brittany-YR-CBS JT arrives, but isn’t on the list. Lily assures them he used to rule the school. JT joins Brittany and Raul, so Phyllis and Billy move off. JT’s stunned to hear Raul and Brittany ran into one another in New York and got married. Brit talks about being a lawyer and says her son Joshua’s at Harvard. Mac-twins-cane-lily-reunion-YR-CBSJT reveals he reconnected with Victoria and he’s head of Newman security. At the door, Lily greets Mackenzie Browning (played by Kelly Kruger), who changed her mind about coming. Mac catches up with the twins, but is clearly unhappy when JT walks up and confronts her about keeping his kids from him. They argue and Mac suggests they avoid each other. Cane urges JT to find a way to make peace.Mac-JT-confrontation-YR-CBS Mac joins Billy and Phyllis. She assures them she has good reasons for filing for divorce and full custody. Mac chats next with Brittany and Raul, until JT insists on talking. They step aside and Mac informs JT a bad father is worse than no father.

At Victoria’s house, Jack assures her he didn’t attack her father. She complains Ashley’s trying to use the incident to take over at Newman. Jack wants to stay neutral – and needs her help now. Victoria takes a call from Billy, who advises her to come pick up her man at the Walnut Grove party, as his reunion with Mac’s not going well.

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At the ranch, Paul insists on knowing where Nikki was when Victor was attacked. Eventually she reveals she took a room at the Club with Arturo the building contractor. Paul asks about Jack’s altercation with Victor. Nikki believes that Jack came to apologize. Paul wonders who else had it in for Victor.

At the Club bar, Jack’s surprised to hear Ashley and Abby grilled Jill about Dina stepping out on John. Jack says his life began to unravel the day he brought Dina home and he can’t imagine how much worse it’ll get.

Victoria arrives at the Top of the Tower as Mac is confronting JT about his controlling ways and he’s fires back about her low self-esteem. She asks, “What’s going on here?”

At the hospital, a person wearing brown shoes enters Victor’s room.

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