At Victor’s bedside in the hospital, Nick wants to take Nikki home but she’s determined to stay; she feels guilty for not being home when he was attacked. Nick soothes, “It’s not your fault.” Nikki wants to know who did this to his father. Nick figures his father’s listening to them and taking notes for later. He urges his dad to come back to them.

At the Club, Jill thanks Esther for meeting her. She’s heard Nikki Newman is planning changes for Chancellor Park and plans to fight it. Behind her, Jill hears two women talking about her and is stunned to see sisters Leslie Brooks (played by Janice Lynde) and Lorie Brooks (played by Jamie Lyn Bauer). Jill-lorie-leslie-bar-YR-CBSEsther gushes over their books and music. Jill asks what the hell they’re doing in Genoa City. They’re back for Walnut Grove Academy’s centennial and trade barbs with Jill, their former stepmother from hell. The ladies snark about Stuart Brooks lowering his standards to marry Jill, Jill-Esther-brooks-sisters-YR-CBSwho reminds them she once saved his life. Jill defends herself, but the women aren’t buying her spin on the past. Elsewhere, Jack leaves Kyle a voicemail, and Billy joins him. Jack grumps that he hasn’t heard from his son, and he’s been communicating with Victor for months. Billy is surprised Jack has Vic’s back-up hard-drive. Jack refuses to elaborate, but thinks the collaboration explains Kyle’s vote on non-confidence at the Jabot board meeting. After, Billy joins Esther and Jill, who wants details on Nikki’s plans for the park. She calls Victoria over, but she doesn’t have time for Jill’s questions as her father is in a coma fighting for his life. Once alone, Jill grouches to Billy about her run-in with her former stepdaughters. Billy gets the details and laughs that his lack of family boundaries is inherited from her.

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At the station, Christine and Paul look at security footage and discover Jack was drinking before visiting the ranch, which doesn’t look good.

In the Abbott living room, Abby and Ashley debate about Dina’s revelation that Jack isn’t John’s son. Abby thinks they should consider the possibility that it’s true. Dina appears and announces she needs to find Jack’s father, so he can meet him before it’s too late. She’s stressing over her former paramour’s name when Jack enters. Abby takes Dina to the kitchen, and Ash questions Jack about Victor – she notes they had a run-in and Jack should be at the top of Paul’s list. Later, Dina shows Abby the key to the hotel room where she spent time with Jack’s father – the Stardust Inn. Dina asks Abby to take her there to jog her memory.

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At the hospital, Ashley finds Victoria at Victor’s bedside and urges her to take the time she needs away from the office. In the waiting area, Nikki’s surprised when a concerned Arturo shows up. Nikki-Arturo-waiting-area-YR-CBSShe’s touched, but has to focus on Victor. Nick appears. Nikki says Arturo’s leaving. Jack enters and recalls Arturo from the project meeting. He tells Nikki, “You were smart to get into bed with that one. He’s a keeper!” Nick learns Jack had an altercation with Victor and questions him, but Jack insists he returned to apologize. Jack fishes to see if Nikki knows anything about Kyle and Victor. She doesn’t. Nick joins Victoria in Victor’s room and spots her ring. Vikki gushes, “We’re so good for each other.” Nick hopes they make it this time. In the waiting area, Nick shares his conflicted feelings about Victor with Sharon. Nearby, Jill shows up to tell Nikki she’s sorry about Victor. Nikki reassures her the plans for Katherine’s park are appropriate. Jill apologizes, it sounds lovely. Nikki relays that the dedication with be postponed due to Victor’s condition.

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At the station, Paul questions Arturo about the ranch meeting. He relays the story of breaking up the fight between Jack and Victor.

Dina-Abby-stardust-YR-CBSOutside the old Stardust Inn, Dina wants to see if her key still works. It doesn’t, and Dina cries over not being able to remember the man’s name. She says out loud, “Every time I look at Jackie, I see you, my love.”

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria informs Ashley she’s still COO since Victor never composed a memo about her demotion – she’ll be taking over as CEO. Ash argues, but Victoria says it’s Ashley’s word against hers; the board will side with a Newman.

At home, Abby updates Ashley on her outing with Dina – she seems so sure her lover is Jack’s father. Ash insists they keep it quiet until they’ve proof. Paul arrives. Once Abby leaves, Paul grills Ashley about her voicemail warning Victor, and says if he doesn’t make it, Jack could be looking at a murder charge.

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