At the hospital, Hilary reports exclusively that Victor Newman was assaulted and is in grave condition; the police are looking for his assailant.

Three hours earlier…

At the ranch, JT goes back to Victor’s office, retrieves his envelope, and then leaves the Mustache unconscious on the floor.Jack-conscience-YR-CBS Soon, Jack arrives, and spots Victor lying there. He dons gloves and heads upstairs to survey the damage. Jack takes in the state of Vic’s office, then pockets a hard drive, an interesting document, and a gadget from the drawer. Jack walks over Victor’s body and exits, then grimaces and returns to call 911.

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Outside Victoria’s house, JT phones Paul – he got his hands on evidence that Victor’s guilty of price-fixing.JT-Victoria-worry-dad-YR-CBS Paul’s pleased. JT enters the house. Vikki wonders what took him so long, so he lies about going to the good wine store and getting caught behind an accident. They share a champagne toast. JT learns Nikki thinks they’re rushing, but she made it clear this is what she wants. She worries about how her dad will react.

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Back at the ranch, Jack watches the paramedics and Paul arrives. Jack explains he arrived to find the staff gone and the place trashed. He’s concerned about Nikki, but can’t reach her. Paul wonders who did this and Jack points out many have a grudge with the guy.

In her Club suite, Nikki ignores her phone as she has sex with Arturo in the bed.

At the ranch, Paul assures Jack they’ll find Nikki. He asks why Jack was there. He says he and Victor got into it earlier and he came to apologize. Later, Victor’s phone is found and sent to forensics.

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At the Abbott mansion, Dina tells Abby what she just said about Jack is the terrible truth. Abby wants clarification, but Dina exits. Ashley arrives to see her daughter looking shell-shocked. Ashley-Abby-serious-YR-CBSAbby tells her mother to sit, and shares that according to Dina, Jack is not really an Abbott. Ashley doesn’t take it seriously, and soothes, “This is what the Alzheimer’s does.” Ashley updates Abby on Jack drinking at the Club and going looking for trouble. Dina appears looking to go to the Athletic Club and demands they open the front door. Ash refuses and Dina wants her fired. Abby jumps in and tempts her to resume her interview. Abby asks about the other men she had affairs with. Dina moons about a witty, sharp man at the country club, who is Jack’s father. Abby asks his name, but Dina can’t recall. Ashley and Abby adjourn to discuss it, but Ash thinks it’s another trick of Dina’s mind.

In Sharon’s house, she and Nick continue to kiss and start undressing but Nick stops and says, “We can’t do this.”Sharon-understanding-YR-CBS Sharon agrees they were both getting carried away, but questions whether he should be leaving if there’s still something between them. Nick feels it’s obvious there’s something, but now isn’t the time to be pursuing it. Sharon’s sorry if she made him feel pressured. Nick hints he can focus on other things once Christian’s settled. He gets a call from Jack with the news about Victor. Nick rushes off.

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Nick bangs on Nikki’s suite door at the Club. She angrily answers. Nick pushes inside and Arturo waves from the bed. Nikki’s appalled to hear about Victor. Downstairs, Hilary gets the call about Victor and says, “I’m on my way.”

Jack arrives at home, and fills Ashley and Abby in on Victor. The women decide to head to Memorial. Ashley suggests Jack not disturb Dina. Once alone, Jack hooks Vic’s hard drive to his laptop. He is stunned to see a communication from his son Kyle to Victor that says, “My Dad will never know what hit him.”

At Victoria’s house, she clucks over a little bruise on JT’s face she may have given him. When she goes to the kitchen, JT finds Victor’s spycam and hides it in the drawer. Meanwhile, Victoria’s gotten the news about Victor. They hurry out.


At Memorial, Nikki is a mess and learns Victor hasn’t regained consciousness. Vikki and JT arrive.Hilary-news-YR-CBS The women wonder who would do this to him. Abby and Ashley join them, and Nikki looks ill upon receiving a text from Arturo. Elsewhere, Hilary reports Victor is in a coma and the prognosis is unknown. Paul joins her and says it’s too soon to name suspects. He vows they’ll find whoever did this and prosecute them. In his hospital room, Victor’s unconscious, hooked to his monitor.

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