At home, Victoria and JT are naked on the couch after sex. He kisses her head. Vikki needs a minute and goes upstairs, where she looks at her bruised neck in the bathroom mirror. JT’s abusive words ring through her mind. JT-Victoria-aftermath-YR-CBSDownstairs, JT paces. When Victoria reappears, she questions their fight, but JT points out making up was exhilarating and reminds her she’ll never have anything close to this with anyone else. He proposes again, and Victoria accepts. JT wants to spread the word and Victoria has an idea to celebrate.

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At the ranch, Victor complains to Nikki about Jack. Nikki makes plans to meet Arturo and tells Victor she’s staying in town tonight. Victor phones JT to set up a work meeting, and mentions he’s leaving for Chicago tonight.

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At home, JT disconnects, and Victoria appears with her wedding ring. They kiss. Vikki gets a text that Nikki’s stopping by. JT offers to go for champagne. When Nikki arrives, she’s stunned to notice Vikki’s ring. Victoria says, “Be happy for me.” Nikki questions the rush and worries Victoria’s been vulnerable, but Vikki doesn’t want to hear anything negative.

At the ranch, Victor takes a call and replies, “Send it to me immediately.” Later, JT shows up and is about to use the key to open the drawer when the lights come on. Victor, on the stairs, tells him, “Upstairs, now.” In Victor’s office, he confronts JT about breaking into his safe, then plays footage of him putting his hands on his daughter. JT angrily asks how long he’s been watching him. Victor hollers as long as he’s been spying on him at Newman Enterprises. JT brings up Colleen and Victor yells about him hiding behind a dead girl. He orders JT out of town tonight or he’ll remove him himself.

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Jack enters the Abbott mansion ranting about Victor. Abby and Ashley appear. Ash assumes they clashed over her. Jack swills scotch as they rehash Jack’s mistake in blocking a non-Abbott from being in charge,Jack-scoff-life-YR-CBS which led to Ashley leaving Jabot. Ash sneers that he’s a blood Abbott, he’s king of the hill! Jack scoffs – his life’s not so great – his mother has Alzheimer’s and he’s all but lost Ashley and Abby. The women head upstairs to get Dina for more stories. When they reappear, Dina doesn’t want ‘John’ there while she’s talking. Jack, testy, storms out, saying he’ll get a cab. Later, the interview is over, Ash heads out, and Dina tells Abby she has something else to get off her chest about John. She talks about a gesture John once made that made her feel guilty, and alludes to keeping terrible secrets. Abby is floored when Dina reveals that Jack is not John’s son.

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At Sharon’s place, she remains standoffish with Nick, who wants to address the elephant in the room. He asks why she really wants him to move – did he do something wrong? Sharon insists she’s just being pro-active and rushes out the door. Nick is on the phone lining up an apartment when Mariah enters and accuses him of bailing. He explains Sharon asked him to move out. Mariah asks, “What did you do to her?” Nick is clueless. Mariah walks him through recent events and deduces that he traipsed off to his meeting, leaving Sharon, the inspiration for the project, behind. Nick muses, “Sounds bad.” She agrees.

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At the Club bar, Jack runs into Sharon. He’s startled to hear she’s living with Nick and asked him to move out. Sharon alludes to being taken for granted and admits she’s actually furious with herself. She presumes Jack’s in a mood about Victor. Jack calls him a bully and self-absorbed ego-maniac and goes on about people going to the dark side. Sharon’s taken aback, and Jack wonders when that bastard will finally get what’s coming to him. Ashley appears. Ashley and Jack get into it. He’s drunk and bellows, “Here it comes, folks! Dad would be ashamed of you!” Jack rants that Victor will ruin her. Jack heads out to get a cab as Ash worries he’s going to Victor’s. She leaves Victor a voicemail warning him. Upstairs, Nikki arrives at the suite to meet Arturo.

Sharon-Nick-kiss-YR-CBSSharon returns home to Nick apologizing for being a giant idiot and insisting she’ll be involved in future meetings. They end up embracing as he assures her he doesn’t take her for granted. They pull back and look at one another, then start kissing.

At home, Victoria tries unsuccessfully to reach JT.

Victor-unconscious-YR-CBSAt the ranch, JT informs Victor that he and Victoria are engaged, which means he’s lost. Victor vows that if JT stays in his town, he’ll lose everything. He shouts repeatedly that JT’s a loser and they launch into a full-fledged fistfight, which carries out into the hall, onto the landing, and ends with JT shoving Victor down the stairs. He lies at the bottom, unconscious.

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