At home, JT hovers by the staircase as Victoria locks herself in the bathroom upstairs. JT makes his way up and asks through the door if she’s okay. He’s sorry. Victoria cries that after the things he said to her, the way he acted, they cannot stay together. JT pleads with her not to say that, but she insists he has to go.Victoria-washroom-YR-CBS JT won’t go without seeing her. She thinks it’s clear he disapproves of everything she does. JT has buttons that get pushed – they love each other. He admits the issue is he looks like a loser next to her. JT says being with Vikki and Reed is his dream; he’s fighting for it. Victoria looks at her bruised neck in the mirror. She cries as she tries to cover it up. JT goes downstairs and she confronts him. He swears he’d never hit her and hates himself for doing this to her. Vikki notes he’s always putting her down, criticizing her. JT asks if she’s ready to give up on them, as Reed enters and wonders what’s going on. He’s amazed when Victoria allows him to stay at a friend’s on a school night. After he’s gone, JT’s grateful Reed didn’t come home earlier, and vows to Victoria it will never happen again. They go over why they love each other, and the fight.Victoria-JT-propose-YR-CBS JT doesn’t want their relationship ruined. They kiss, but Vikki pulls away again – she can’t. They keep talking intimately and JT promises to never lift a hand to her again – can she believe him? They draw closer as he continues to make his case, and suddenly, JT asks Victoria to marry him. Victoria is caught up in the romance and they begin kissing and making love.

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At Sharon’s place, Nick advises her there’s a meeting about the non-profit this afternoon. She helps him choose a tie. Sharon gets ready and calls Mariah to watch the kids, but Nick leaves for the meeting without her.

Jack arrives at home from Europe with gifts for Abby and Ashley. Ash has something for him too, and presents him with legal papers. “I’m suing you for defamation of character. Welcome home.” They have words and Dina appears. She chastises Jack for being away so long. After Dina wanders out, Abby reveals she’s been interviewing her grandmother. Jack has to go – today he’s doing some real good. Abby and Ashley debate whether Jack was actually out to hurt her. Dina reappears, looking to be interviewed, and doesn’t recognize Ashley. Abby urges Dina to share stories about her daughter, Ashley. Dina recalls Jack and Ashley playing in the park – Ashley worshipped her big brother. Ash gets emotional as Abby opines they should remember the love.

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At the ranch, Nikki and Nick meet with Devon and Jack about ‘putting the housing project on steroids’. Devon presumes they’ll be looking for checks. Victor appears. Nikki steps aside to explain they’re courting benefactors.Nikki-Victor-meeting-YR-CBS He grouses about Jack Abbott being in their home. She talks up the project and Victor wants in. They rejoin the others. Nick pulls Nikki aside to complain he’ll be a problem. Victor booms, “The figures are off.” Arturo arrives and Nikki says he’s the answer to all their prayers. Nick and Nikki step out – he warns about Victor discovering her secret. When the meeting concludes, Jack and Victor are left alone. Vic starts in about Ashley and gloats that every time he goes up against him, he loses. Nikki, Devon, and Arturo re-enter the room as the argument becomes heated. Arturo grabs Jack as the men lunge at one another. Jack leaves, apologizing to Nikki.

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Sharon-Nick-real-estate-YR-CBSNick returns home and Sharon’s distant when he says the meeting went well. She’s looking at real estate listings – for him. Nick doesn’t care that people don’t approve, but Sharon thinks it would be best for everyone. Nick is taken off guard, but agrees.

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