At home, Victoria’s reluctant to face work after her demotion. JT reveals he’s not going in; he has outside meetings, but encourages her to go to Newman and show them who she is.

At the ranch, Victor tells someone by phone to find out who JT’s working with and warns them to be careful. Later, JT shows up, tells the maid something was forgotten, reaches behind a cushion, and then snoops around. He’s trying to fit the key from the safe into the chessboard when Nikki appears. He says Katie left her bunny and ‘finds’ it behind the cushion. Nikki shares concern about Victoria with him before he goes.

Victor-guarantee-Ash-YR-CBSAt the Abbott house, Ashley tells Victor she wants to be made COO at Newman now that Victoria’s demoted. Victor won’t go that far, but guarantees that on the rare occasions the two women work together, Victoria will answer to Ashley. He wants it hush-hush due to recent bad PR.

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In the Club dining room, Cane teases Billy about the male models, then complains about Hilary working with Lily. Charlie appears and mentions Hilary asked him to be her personal intern – he’s hoping his mom won’t let personal stuff ruin it. Cane agrees to talk to Lily. Upstairs, Lily listens as Devon and Hilary discuss their upcoming procedure. Hilary takes a bewildering call from her doctor seeking to reschedule her canceled appointment. Hilary-Devon-agreement-YR-CBSAfter it’s resolved, she tells Devon she didn’t cancel, and doesn’t have an assistant, but probably should have. Lily smirks when Devon jokes about the mother of his child getting preferential treatment at work. Cane arrives with the news that Hilary offered Charlie the position as her intern and accuses her of being behind their son’s lack of interest in school. Hilary protests. Devon interrupts and informs Lily and Cane that Charlie will be his private intern – if they have a problem they can take it up with him. Hilary’s still offended, and Lily says she pities the child that will have her for a mother. Hilary realizes Lily canceled her appointment. Lily denies it, but Hilary’s unconvinced. Devon says it would have been pointless because his mind’s made up.

At Newman, Victor wants Victoria to take Ashley to lunch and smooth things over. Victoria assumes he’s worried she’ll leak to the press, and reluctantly agrees. Victor ruminates on her recent decisions, like moving in with JT so quickly. Victor’s not sure he’s trustworthy and questions what she knows about his recent past.

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At the Club, Ashley’s quick to point out to Victoria that she’ll be answering to her and adds her resentment is a weakness – she hopes she’ll adjust that as she’s behaved like the insecure childVictoria-Ashley-snark-YR-CBS who tried to break up her marriage to Victor. Victoria wants to know why she really left Jabot. They snark very politely. Victoria warns she’s watching Ashley. Ashley counters, “Watch. And learn.” Later, Lily admits to Cane she canceled Hilary’s appointment to try to buy Devon time. Up at Hamilton-Winters, Devon tells Hilary that Lily’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s his life. Talk turns to finalizing the contract – Devon wants to go to Lamaze with Hilary and be involved in the delivery. Hilary reiterates they’ll be co-parents, nothing more. They both sign. In the dining room, Cane and Lily discuss Hilary being a user. Cane agrees they need to stop the pregnancy and the pair toast.

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JT arrives home and a camera seems to watch him. He receives notice of his custody hearing as Billy arrives. Billy’s surprised JT’s not going to the Walnut Grove Academy event, and they start sparring verbally as JT accuses Billy of holding Victoria back, along with her father. Billy spots the custody notice and wonders about JT, a deadbeat father, living with his children. Victoria arrives and Billy leaves. JT complains to Victoria that Nikki lectured him about being too critical. Victoria-JT-fight-YR-CBSVikki rants about the situation with Ashley, but JT turns it back to her ‘intimacy’ with Billy and letting her family sway her opinion of him. Victoria has only defended him and questions what happened with him and Mac. JT thinks Daddy wants to know and make him out to be a loser. Vikki retorts he’s acting like a pathetic loser. JT berates Victoria with insults – failed executive, bad mother, daddy issues…Victoria tries to get away from him. They struggle. JT pushes Victoria up against the wall by the throat, then punches the wall beside her head.

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