At home, Victoria frets over what tone she should strike with Victor at the family dinner. JT argues when she suggests they have her parents there for dinner instead of at the ranch. She asks why he keeps fighting her on this. JT insists it would be rude to cancel now, and would likely make her father mad. Vikki hopes her father won’t push her buttons. JT’s planning on a very productive night.

At the ranch, Nikki complains about Victor humiliating their daughter in a memo to employees. After, Victor notes she’s been in such a good mood lately. Nikki implores Victor to make nice during the get-together.JT-frustrated-ranch-YR-CBS When JT, Victoria, and Reed arrive, everyone’s cordial, and Victor fawns over Johnny and Katie before Reed takes them to the media room. Victor tells Victoria he had to finesse the situation with Ashley, who wanted her gone. Victoria’s grateful to be kept on and asks about the chain-of-command. JT interrupts. After, Victor talks to Reed about sparring, and JT suggests they to the gym before dinner. Nikki frustrates JT by insisting Reed play the piano instead.

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Sharon-Nick-advice-YR-CBSSharon finds Nick working out at home and presumes he’s trying to blow off steam. Nick reveals his mom’s seeing a younger man on the side. He explains it’s Arturo. Sharon, amused, thinks Nikki can have sex with whoever she likes, but agrees it’s best Victor doesn’t find out. She advises Nick not to corner Arturo. Nick reluctantly agrees to leave it alone.

At Crimson Lights,Abby-Lily-stop-plan-YR-CBS Lily tells Abby the idea of Devon fathering Hilary’s child sickens her and she intends to stop it. Abby reveals she’s interviewing her grandmother, and needs a videographer. Lily offers Charlie for the job. After Lily leaves, Arturo bumps into Abby, who seems intrigued. Later, Arturo meets with Nick under Sharon’s watchful eye. Nick’s short with the guy, who thought they were friends.

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In Hamilton-Winters, Mariah and Hilary discuss the baby plan. Hil hopes it will take on the first try. Later, Lily arrives and once alone with Hilary, approaches her about dropping her plans with Devon. Hilary snaps, “Lily, get a life.” They argue. Lily implores Hilary not to ask Devon to make this sacrifice, as he wants a real family. Hilary calls her manipulative. Once alone, Lily calls Hilary’s OB/GYN, poses as her assistant, and cancels her appointment.

Mariah arrives at Crimson Lights,Arturo-Nick-confrontation-YR-CBS and accuses Sharon of eyeing Nick like he’s a hot pastrami on rye and she’s starving. Sharon insists there’s nothing going on. Mariah isn’t getting a friends vibe. On the patio, Arturo confronts Nick about his attitude, and Nick admits he saw him kissing his mom. Arturo insists they’re just enjoying each other’s company; he won’t hurt her.

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Sitting at the piano in the ranch, Nikki gets an urgent text from Nick and leaves. JT suggests Victoria and her father take the kids to see the horses. Once they’re gone, JT tells Reed he has to return work calls and enters Victor’s office to crack the safe.

At Sharon’s place, Nick reveals he spoke to Arturo about his new plans and shared his concerns about the two of them. Nikki’s outraged. If she has to stomach him living with Sharon, he’ll have to respect her choices. Later, Sharon arrives and Nick updates her. Sharon looks disappointed and hopes it won’t hurt their working relationship. She mentions Nick and Christian will one day want their own place to live, then awkwardly heads upstairs.

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Nikki returns to the ranch and chats with Reed. JT-safe-footage-YR-CBSIn the office, JT finds a key in the safe. Victor, Victoria and the kids return from the stables, and JT emerges as Reed mentions him making business calls. Victor shoots JT a knowing look. Once alone, Nikki complains to Victor that JT is being controlling. Victor has to go check something. Nikki texts Arturo to ask if he’s free. In the office, Victor watches footage of JT taking the key from the safe.

At the Abbott house, Abby talks to Dina about sharing her stories. Dina’s enthusiastic, and tells her granddaughter to prepare to have her socks knocked off. Charlie arrives and they start taping. Dina talks about how she met John at Walnut Grove Academy, also mentioning Kay Dina-Abby-stories-YR-CBSShepherd, Neil Fenmore, Stuart Brooks, and Joanna Manning. She relives a memory of them skinny-dipping, then embarks on her love story with John. Dina recalls there was a hailstorm when they got married. Abby’s puzzled as it was June. Charlie looks it up and confirms it. Abby ceases filming for the day when Dina wonders if John will be home from Jabot soon.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary offers Charlie a position as her personal intern at GC Buzz, to learn about becoming a producer.

At home, JT reminds Victoria they agreed not to talk business at dinner, but he thinks tonight will pay off with Victor in the long run.

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