In Paul’s car, he warns JT that Chris and the authorities can’t justify keeping this investigation of Victor going much longer.JT-Paul-car-warning-YR-CBS JT snarks that they came to him because they failed; he needs time. Paul rants and decides to pull the plug on the case. JT argues; his gut tells him there’s massive corruption, but Paul argues there may not be anything to find at Newman Enterprises. JT wants one more shot to find the evidence. Paul says he’ll have to move fast and be careful.

At home, Victoria leaves JT a voicemail touching on her situation at work, and asking him to please come home. JT arrives, and Victoria’s relieved when JT accepts her promise not to lie again. Vikki tells him about Victor’s ultimatum. She’s surprised he doesn’t want her to leave Newman. JT then opens an invitation from Walnut Grove Academy. Vikki encourages him to attend the reunion. JT muses that Colleen won’t be there, and Mac might show up – he’ll leave the past where it belongs. Victoria dreads picking up Reed from the ranch, so JT offers to go.

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In the ranch, Victor schools Reed on the strategies of chess. JT arrives and insists they finish their game.Victor-chess-YR-CBS In the meantime, he pulls on gloves and snoops in Victor’s home office. As Victor tells Reed ‘always be three steps ahead of your opponent’, JT snaps a photo of Victor’s safe. After JT takes a call from Victoria wondering why he’s held up, Victor appears. JT covers that he stepped in there to take a work call. Victor looks unconvinced. JT rejoins Reed, who’s keen to leave because Victor turns everything into a life lecture.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis wants to know what’s on Nick’s mind. He admits he’s trying to wrap his mind around something that’s going on with his mom.Nick-discuss-nikki-affair-YR-CBS Phyllis confesses she also saw Nikki with a young thing at the Club. Nick frets over her doing the walk of shame, and reveals the guy’s his building contractor. He feels Victor would kill Arturo and punish Nikki. Phyllis advises him to relax, the whole sidepiece thing will likely end soon. Talk turns to Christian’s sadness. Phyllis muses that Sharon would love to step in, but Nick insists she won’t be his new mommy. Nick will love Christian as Adam intended. Phyllis vows to keep the paternity secret.

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At the Club, Billy runs into Lily and they chat about her new agency, and he congratulates her. Realizing she is interviewing models, he follows her up to Hamilton-Winters to chat about the Walnut Grove Academy bicentennial bash. They speculate on who might attend, then Mattie calls Lily away to join the models.male-models-YR-CBS When she returns, Lily realizes why Billy’s hanging around and asks for his input. Charlie and Mattie grin as the male models file in for Billy’s perusal. After, Lily and Billy banter, and he admits there were a few standouts. Downstairs, Nick asks Nikki what’s going on with her and Arturo. Nikki’s a tad embarrassed but assures him she has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ arrangement with Victor. Nick has concerns, but Nikki asks him not to bring this up with Arturo. Nick warns Victor will find out, and vows Arturo will answer to him if he hurts her. Up at HWG, Mattie and Charlie give their input, and tell Lily she’s impressed them. They gift her with a nameplate; she’s touched. Later, Phyllis finds Billy drinking with the male models at the bar. Billy wants to go home, but Phyllis insists on joining in the fun.

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At home, JT tells Reed he’ll try to get him out of ‘boot camp’. Reed goes upstairs, and Victoria tells JT she’ll stay at Newman. He’s supportive, and then shocks her by suggesting they spend more time with her father as a family – it’s time they beat Victor at his own game – at the ranch, on his turf. JT steps out to update Paul that he’s arranged access to Victor’s house, and his safe is crackable. Paul warns of the risk. JT rejoins Victoria, who has set up dinner at the ranch tomorrow night.

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