At Sharon’s place, she and Nick commiserate over the heat going off overnight and he jokes about how she used to have ice cold feet in bed. Nick decides to go look at the furnace, and Sharon’s impressed when he locates the reset button. Nick talks about Arturo and his crew winning him over. Later, alone, Sharon answers the door to a police officer who informs her they have found a body.

In the Club, Nikki’s booked a suite for the whole day. She’s about to head upstairs when Victor appears and notes she’s glowing. Arturo materializes, and there’s an awkward moment before Nikki introduces them. Arturo-meet-Nikki-YR-CBSVictor thanks Arturo for doing a good job for his wife. In the dining room, Abby’s shocked when Lily relays that Devon agreed to father Hilary’s baby. If Lily can’t talk him out of it she’ll have to get creative. Upstairs, Nikki meets Arturo, clad only in a towel, in her suite. They go over the run-in with Victor before things turn passionate. Downstairs, Lily excuses herself, and Victor complains to Abby about bad-mouthing her sister. Abby retorts that Ashley’s her family too. Victor wonders if Abby will leave Newman if her mother does. Abby won’t. Victor’s pleased. Abby snarks that he obviously chose Victoria over her mom. Later, Nick meets Nikki in the dining room and an employee asks Nikki if she’d like her suite made up. Nick questions Nikki taking a room and wonders if she’s hiding something. Just then, Arturo appears and comments, “What a nice coincidence.” Nikki smiles edgily and takes off upstairs. Nick remarks to Arturo that he thinks his mother has something going on with some guy. Nick receives a call from Sharon that something terrible’s happened.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells the secretary her father left a message for her to meet him there. Ashley appears – he left her the same message. The pair spar verbally, until Ashley decides to wait for Victor in his office.Ashley-Victoria-spar-verbally-YR-CBS Victoria leaves JT a message that she could use his support. Reed arrives, also looking for his father, and wonders if Victoria’s okay. She assures him she’s fine. In the office, Ashley takes a video call from Jack and asks him for an apology. Jack goes on about how much he values her, but Ash tells him to talk to her attorney, she’s done. Meanwhile, Victor arrives outside and invites Reed to play chess tomorrow. The teen goes, and Victor leaves Victoria waiting to meet with Ashley. After he enters the office, Abby arrives and tells Victoria, “There’s no way I would miss this.” Soon Ashley emerges, and tells Victoria it’s her turn. Vikki joins Victor, who talks consequences. She will accept a demotion from COO or leave the company.

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At GC Buzz, Hilary and Mariah are working on a story when Devon appears and assures Hil his ‘donation’ is the first thing on his to do list.Mariah-donation-YR-CBS Mariah assumes he’s funding her mentoring program before Hilary prompts realization. Mariah exclaims, “Oh my God, you’re donating that!” Mariah rambles about them getting back together to have a kid, but they assure her it’s not romantic. Devon leaves, and Mariah asks Hilary how they’ll explain this to the child. Hilary insists they won’t screw this up and she won’t mess it up by pushing for more. Mariah isn’t buying it.

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Devon joins Lily at Hamilton-Winters and they enthuse about the family business. Lily addresses her reaction to the news about Hilary and wants to discuss it rationally.Devon-Lily-disagree-YR-CBS She thinks nothing good can come of them having a baby together and warns of the lifestyle changes it will entail. Devon is unconcerned. Lily becomes more intense and Devon walks out. When he returns, Devon asks Lily to drop this, but Lily is frustrated that he won’t listen about Hilary staking a claim on his life permanently. Devon protests that he’s covering every angle – she doesn’t have to like it, but he wants her to accept it. If that’s too difficult, she can leave. After, they make up, and Devon exits as Hilary arrives. Lily listens as Hilary phones her doctor to arrange for the insemination.

Sharon-Nick-embrace-YR-CBSAt Sharon’s place, Nick learns she’s upset because a girl carrying her card from the crisis center has died and cannot be identified. Talk turns to Nick and Nikki acquiring more properties since Rainbow Gardens has a waiting list. Sharon suggests they form a non-profit. Nick says, “Let’s do it,” and they embrace. Nick leaves to sell the idea to Nikki.

Nick arrives at the Club looking for his mother and is directed to Room 338. He heads up and sees Nikki canoodling with a shirtless Arturo at the suite door.

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