At Newman Enterprises, JT can’t reach Victoria, but insists to Victor that she wouldn’t frame Ashley. Victor has the proof, and points out how easy it was for him to find the file in Jack’s office – she used him. JT protests, and Victor questions his competence. JT argues that if Victoria did this, it’s only because she’s emulating Victor’s example. Victor counters that Victoria played him…just like she played JT.

At the Abbott house, Abby learns her mother told Victor she wouldn’t return unless he fires Victoria. Abby is hopeful he’ll go through with it. Ashley worries she’s fighting a battle she has no chance of winning.

Charlie-models-YR-HWIn the Ashby house, Lily excitedly relays to Cane that she’ll start work at Hamilton-Winters tomorrow. Cane doesn’t mind if she goes to thank him personally. Once alone, Cane calls someone and says there’s been a change of plans. The twins arrive home, and Charlie’s upset to hear Lily will be working at Hamilton-Winters. Mattie reminds him there will be models, and he likes that.

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At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary and Devon discuss their decision to make a baby together. Hilary enthuses that it’s everything she ever wanted. Devon quips she should enjoy the champagne while she still can. Hilary-Devon-celebrate-YR-CBSHe muses if they’re going to create a baby together, they need to do it the right way. Lily arrives and Hilary learns she is launching a new modeling agency there. Devon talks about giving her a designated area in the office. Hilary notes that’s right across from her desk. Devon reveals Lily will also be joining the board of directors. Hilary argues that Lily doesn’t have the experience required. Lily snarks that she is a member of the Winters family, unlike Hilary. Flowers arrive. Hil assumes they’re for her, but Cane sent them for Lily. As she calls to thank him, Michael arrives. Devon wants him to negotiate a deal for him and Hilary to create a baby together. Lily disconnects and overhears. She asks Devon if he’s out of his mind. Devon defends his decision, while Lily lists his alternatives. Hilary protests that she’s a good person, who did not make Cane cheat on her or lie to her. Devon wants Lily to be happy for him, but she frets that Hilary’s positioning herself in his life forever. Later, Hilary and Devon cannot agree on details so Michael encourages them to have a private conversation. They discuss how the baby will be made, and agree on insemination in a doctor’s office.

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Nikki-listen-confession-YR-HWAt the ranch, Victoria confesses to Nikki how she conspired with Jack to set up Ashley. She complains about Ashley gunning for her job. Nikki is puzzled at Vikki’s lack of confidence. Victoria figures Victor will fire her. Soon, Victor arrives home and wonders if Victoria’s making a pre-emptive strike with Nikki. Victoria apologizes for her actions. Victor complains she could have ruined Ashley’s career. Victoria argues she could have returned to Jabot. Victor warns Victoria will have to prove herself.

Abby opens the Abbott door to Victoria and Victor. Abby’s asked to leave the room, and Victoria apologizes to Ashley. She had a tumultuous year and is mortified by stooping so low. Vikki urges Ashley to come back to Newman, but Ash feels it’s a disingenuous and patronizing speech. Victoria wonders if she’d like her to beg. Ash calls her arrogant. Victor steps in with a more generous compensation package. Ash still wants Victoria fired. “Her or me.” Later, Abby’s glad Ashley pushed back. Ash announces she’s taking both Victor and Jack to court over this.

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JT runs into Abby at the Club bar and they rehash Victoria’s frame-up job. JT complains Victor threw him off the case, so he’s collateral damage. Abby questions if he was in on it. JT angrily repeats Vikki concocted the scheme and he took the heat.

Lily arrives at home and declares that Devon’s about to make a big mistake. She fills Cane in and vows to stop it.

Victoria gets home and JT confronts her about using him. Victoria’s upset that her father may fire her. JT questions if she hired him to manipulate him, and goes on about being humiliated after the fact. Victoria’s sorry and tearfully pleads for forgiveness. She asks if he’ll leave her. JT replies, “What do you think?” and walks off.

At the ranch, Victor goes over the question of whether to keep Victoria or Ashley with Nikki. He feels Victoria’s the better employee, but Ashley’s more loyal. Nikki muses there may be a third option.

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