In Victoria’s office, JT and Victoria discuss Ashley being fired. Vikki’s glad she didn’t show up at work and have to be escorted out – she just wants what’s best for Newman Enterprises. She knew Dad would believe her over Ashley any day. Victor appears, and notes she sounds very confident about that, in fact, overconfident. Victor forces JT to leave, then reveals Abby came to him with Jack Abbott’s cellphone bill. “You’ve lied to me…repeatedly.” Vikki snips, “Fine. You got me.” She rants that she wanted Ashley out and with good reason – when it comes to her Victor has blinders on. Victor hollers about her being threatened by other talented executives; he’s disappointed in her. She asks what he’ll do, but he leaves.

At the Abbott house, Abby tells Ashley that Victor has all the proof, but didn’t react. Dina-makeup-YR-CBS Abby’s determined to find out if Victor will reinstate her mother, but Ash warns against cornering him. Traci arrives to see Dina and is told she’s sleeping. As they talk, Dina appears with makeup all over her face, gushing about John picking her up for the winter formal. The ladies paste on smiles as Dina asks if they have dates and brags about John being Walnut Grove Academy’s star ball player. Ashley takes a call from Victor apologizing, and saying Victoria came clean. Ashley tells him one mea culpa isn’t enough and disconnects. Abby’s phone starts ringing. Later, Traci and Ashley get Dina into a dress and fix her makeup. Dina sees her younger self in the mirror and when the doorbell goes, she’s sure it’s John. It’s Victor, who kindly tells Dina he came in John’s place, and it’s his lucky night. He manages to convince Dina to go to the winter formal with him. Ashley looks on wryly as Dina Ashley-wry-look-YR-CBSgushes, “Isn’t he a wonderful man?”

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At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary and Devon discuss doing a special on what happens to women after they’re released from prison. Hilary admires a photo of Devon and Sam; she thinks it’s obvious he likes kids. Hilary-Devon-admire-photo-YR-CBSDevon wasn’t trying to hide that, he was just minding Hilary’s feelings since she can’t see Sam now. Hilary still thinks Devon would be a magnificent father and wonders if he’d consider her offer if she’d give him a bigger role in the child’s life. Devon takes a call from Lily and agrees to go watch Sam. He realizes Hilary would love to come along. Hil knows it’s her just desserts. Later, Devon wheels Sam into the Club dining room, and asks the baby if he can keep a secret. Devon phones Hilary to come down. Devon-creating-baby-YR-CBSShe soon appears and when Devon gives Sam his bottle, Hilary says she could watch them all day. Devon’s having a nice time, and muses that creating a baby is bigger than ratings or making a hit record. Hilary breathlessly asks, “What are you saying?” Devon admits he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her request for a donation. He wants the same thing she does; he wants to experience the magic of being a father. Hilary’s overjoyed, but he warns they’ll only be co-parents. Hilary says, “Deal.”Victor-Dina-corsage-YR-CBS

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria ignores a call from JT.Victoria-Abby-notice-YR-CBS Abby appears and says, “Okay, I’m here.” Victoria gets that Abby wanted to defend her mother, but notes she didn’t hesitate to put the screws to her, and probably enjoyed it. Abby retorts, “Damn right I did.” They bicker until Abby informs her Victoria she’s through with putting up with her dismissive attitude. She warns she and her mother will become the new family dynasty at Newman.

At Top of the Tower, Traci and Ashley watch Dina have a wonderful time at ‘the dance’ with Victor. Traci thinks she saw a glimmer of recognition from her mother. Ashley clasps her hand in solidarity. Victor gives Dina a wrist corsage and spins the gleeful woman around the dance floor. Ashley knows he’s doing this for her, but marvels at the gesture. Traci spirits Dina away, and Victor asks Ashley to return to Newman. She’ll only go back if Victoria’s fired. Victor will take it under advisement. Down at Newman, JT gets a text from Paul demanding a progress report. He slips into Victor’s office and pokes around. Victor enters and warns him off entering his office, before revealing that Victoria admitted to scheming with Jack Abbott – she lied to them both.

At home, Ashley and Traci recap Dina’s night and her going back in time. Traci wants to record her memories. Talk turns to Victor. Ashley relays that she told him he’ll have to fire Victoria if he wants her back.

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