At Crimson Lights, Phyllis grumbles to Billy that Sharon’s probably at home baking cookies and darning Nick’s socks.Abby-Lily-down-YR-CBS Billy spots Lily and Cane enter, and leaves to avoid a business conversation. Inside, Cane assures Lily he and the kids will be fine while she’s away. Abby appears, hugs them, and says she doesn’t blame Lily for leaving Newman. Cane goes, and Lily confides in Abby that she’s concerned she jumped into this modeling gig too soon. Abby commiserates; she hates dealing with Victoria, but until she’s running the show she’ll suck it up. This gives Lily an idea.

Hilary and Mariah show Shauna around GC Buzz. Shauna defends Hilary when Mariah teases she’s a diva. After, Shauna tells Hilary, “You have everything.” Hil replies, “Not everything.” Devon arrives and Mariah warns him not to joke about Hilary to Shauna, then muses she’d have loved a role model like Hilary at that age. Devon marvels at this. Hilary and Shauna join Devon, who invites the girl to drop into Hamilton-Winters as well.

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In Victor’s office, he asks Ashley to have a seat. Ashley declines, and spouts off about Victoria’s machinations. Ashley-wrongful-termination-YR-CBSVictor announces he found evidence of Ashley colluding with Jack and fires her. They debate angrily. Devon arrives. Victor wants a press release on Ashley’s departure. Ash pipes up that it wasn’t a resignation, it was a termination without cause…though actually the cause was Victoria Newman. Ashley announces she’s suing Newman Enterprises and will see Victor in court. By the elevator, Ashley fumes to Abby that Victor fired her. Abby stalks into her father’s office to confront him. Devon exits. Abby lays into Victor about not trusting her mother, then slams out. She leaves Victoria a voicemail warning the truth will come out and stink like hell.

At home, Cane cautions Charlie that he expects him and Mattie to step up while Lily’s away. Charlie agrees but declines dinner as he’s attending a concert for Hamilton-Winters.

At the Abbott house, Ashley angrily updates Billy on her situation. Abby arrives and joins in the outrage. Billy and Abby push Ashley to fight back without suing. They brainstorm. Billy notes someone played dirty to get the documents from Jack’s office, so he’ll play dirty in return. Once Billy’s gone, Abby roots through Jack’s papers and finds his cellphone bills – Victoria’s number appears repeatedly. Abby also had the Jabot security log which shows Jack arranged for his office to be left open on the date JT found the file. Abby photographs the evidence and trots off to show it to Victor as Ashley protests. Ash leaves Jack a voicemail that she’ll never return to Jabot.

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Devon and Hilary chat about the importance of education at GC Buzz, as Charlie arrives and admires Shauna. Devon runs him off. Hilary and Devon continue to banter and Shauna chirps that they should get back together, before leaving. Lily arrives, and is disdainful when Mariah expresses an improved opinion of Hilary. Lily drags Devon off. Phyllis appears and vents to Hilary about her concern for Nick. Hilary asks if she wants Nick back. Phyllis is adamant she wants Billy, but is worried about Nick. Hilary thinks a little obsession is necessary.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily runs a plan for an independent business by Devon, who’s encouraging. She wants help writing it up to secure a bank loan, but Devon suggests he carry the risk. Lily worries about blurred lines, but Devon reassures her. In the Club dining room, Billy updates Phyllis on Jack getting Ashley fired. Phyllis is keen for revenge on Victor, then stops herself.Hilary-upsetting-news-YR-CB Billy doesn’t mind this time and admits he stopped himself from breaking the law for Ash. They talk about mastering their emotions. “We can do this,” Billy enthuses. Later, Hilary joins Devon in his office. They chat about Shauna. Devon irks Hilary by asking her to make it clear to the girl they’re not in a romance. Hil wonders where Shauna is, and calls the school. She learns she hasn’t been there all week and cancelled her SATs. Devon worries they got played. Hilary snarks about him being set to cut her off after one mistake; she’s not about to walk away.

At home, Cane shows Lily the schedule for her absence. Lily deletes it – she cancelled her flight and reveals she’s going to be running her own agency. “You are looking at a new, glamorous branch of Hamilton-Winters.” Cane’s impressed.

At Newman, Abby angrily informs Victor that it took her two hours to prove Victoria conspired with Jack. “You fired the wrong person!”

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