At Newman Enterprises, JT asks Victor why he’s been taken off the investigation regarding the leak to Jabot. Vic explains he needs someone in charge who’s objective. JT wonders if he thinks Victoria is behind this, and protests she would have told him if she’d shared secrets with Jack Abbott. Victor still wants him to back off. JT snarks about Victor pitting Victoria against Ashley and forcing Victoria to dig in and protect her job. Victor notifies someone when JT exits.

Nikki meets Victoria at the Club and surprises her daughter by saying she’s happier than she’s ever been.Nikki-happier-YR-CBS Talk turns to Victoria’s relationship with JT. Vikki says it’s great…for the most part. Victoria admits she’s been keeping something from JT and feels guilty. Nikki asks what’s going on. Vikki feels it’s better if Nikki and JT know nothing, for their own protection. Nikki thinks JT should be her ally. Victoria reveals JT’s helping her overcome some issues, including her diet, which sounds mean to Nikki, who warns Victoria not to be too hard on herself.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley is thrilled to see Dina. Jack announces they picked up a traveler along the way, and Abby yells, “Surprise!” As they catch up, Dina becomes upset – why is she there and where is her purse? Dina declares she doesn’t trust Ashley, and has Abby take her to the kitchen for ice cream. Ashley-Abby-accusations-Jack-YR-CBSJack tries to reassure Ashley, who snaps, “Don’t touch me!” They discuss Dina’s reality deteriorating and agree she needs 24 hour care. Ashley brings up the allegations against her at Newman, and snaps, “You framed me – you and Victoria!” Abby reappears with Dina as Jack protests. After, Abby tells Ashley she’s certain about this – it’s why Jack left the room so quick with Dina. Abby and Ashley go over Ash’s concerns about being set-up, then Abby leaves her mother with a prescription to calm Dina down. After, Ashley ignores a call from Victor when Dina appears. She panics and treats Ashley like someone who’s trying to hurt her.

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In the Ashby house, Cane tells Lily to enjoy having the house to herself for the day.Lily-find-work-YR-CBS Lily hopes to find something challenging to do, and plans to get out and find something. Cane wonders if she feels that way because of Sam. Lily admits she’s not ready to go back to the full-time mom thing and wants a career. Cane asks her to come on board at Chancellor, but Lily doesn’t feel it’s a good idea to work together. They canoodle, then Cane has to go.

At the Club, Lily informs Jack she quit Newman Enterprises, and he asks her to come back to Jabot. She’ll consider it. Jack wishes Ashley would leave Newman too, but Lily thinks she’s committed to her job. Later, Victor joins Jack and they spar about the leaked documents. Victor wonders who helped Jack, Ashley or Victoria? Jack taunts that Victor will destroy his company by himself.

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JT is grousing to Victoria about Victor thinking she would lie to them, when Cane enters her office with a box of Lily’s things. Victoria explains she thought Lily targeted her on a feedback site; she wants to apologize. Cane informs her Lily won’t come back. After, Abby arrives and tells Victoria she’s transferring back – Dad approved it. She adds she had a fascinating chat with her mother about Victoria’s desperate scheme to get her out. Later, Victor interrupts JT and Victoria kissing. He announces he’s come to a conclusion about who colluded with Jack Abbott.

Cane comes home early to surprise Lily, and they get passionate in the living room. After sex, Cane recaps his visit to Newman, and Lily reveals she landed a modeling job in New York for a week. Sam cries, and Cane leaves Lily looking thoughtful.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby and Ashley discuss taking it one day at a time with Dina. Jack announces he has business in Europe. Abby warns him her mother’s good name will be cleared when he returns, and Victoria will be paying the price for trying to wreck it.

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