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At the Club, Ashley tells Lily she’s confident Victoria and Jack have set her up. Lily questions if Victoria would go that far, though she recalls her acting strangely when she and JT were talking. Ashley wonders if JT’s involved and asks Lily to try to find out. “You have to pick a side.”

In the Newman breakroom, Victoria has donuts for ‘Employee Appreciation Day’. JT mocks her approach to combating her negative image. Ashley appears and lays into Victoria about her amateurish attempt to discredit her. Vikki counters that Ashley got caught red-handed, and warns Victor will fire her. Later, Lily wants to leave for her scheduled half-day off, but Victoria says it’s not convenient and makes her stay.

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Devon stops by the Ashby house looking for Charlie and chats with Cane, who makes a negative remark about Hilary. Devon tells him about her mentoring. Cane scoffs that Hilary probably paid the girl, and reminds Devon she’s a user. Devon thinks he knows Hilary better than most. Cane rants that Hilary didn’t come clean about the video because she thought she wouldn’t get caught. Devon retorts that the same could be said about him having sex with Juliet. He’s not interested in being lectured by Cane. After, Cane gets a text from Lily that she can’t leave work because of Victoria. He tells the twins their mother can’t get time off. As they discuss SATs, Charlie announces he’s not going to college. Mattie’s scandalized. Charlie wants to be a music producer and doesn’t need a degree. Cane decrees he’s going to college – end of discussion.

At Newman, Ashley questions JT about how he got the documents that were supposedly in Jack’s office. She wonders if he went and sleuthed around or if Victoria just handed them to him. JT warns her about betraying the company.Victoria-Lily-stay-YR-CBS After, they join Lily for Victoria’s employee appreciation meeting. Vikki announces her office is a safe space and she wants to hear from everyone. Ash pipes up that she relishes the opportunity to tell everyone how she feels about Victoria’s leadership. She sounds off on her hiring practices, citing JT, and mentions how she marginalized Abby. Victoria apologizes for Ashley, but Lily then criticizes Victoria for springing the meeting on them; it’s disrespectful. Victoria retorts that Lily’s performance is lacking. Lily is over Victoria and her constant criticism, and storms off. The meeting concludes and Ashley taunts Victoria, who should be ashamed. Victoria snaps that Ashley’s days there are numbered. Ash says, “I wouldn’t be so sure.” After, Victoria complains that JT didn’t stand up for her. JT argues it was her meeting and she didn’t handle it properly.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis learns Hilary is determined to get Devon to father her child. They debate the wisdom of it, and Hilary insists she doesn’t have romantic expectations. Phyllis knows it would be difficult, and switches gears to wanting to yank Nick out of Sharon’s place. Hilary-uncomfortable-YR-CBSBilly appears and wonders why she’s so invested in her ex’s personal life. Phyllis feels he’s in an unhealthy situation. Billy points out she helped create the situation. Hilary looks uncomfortable. Later, Hilary meets with Shauna and encourages her regarding college. Devon watches Hilary mentoring and is clearly impressed. He joins them and urges Shauna to accept Hilary’s help. Shauna presumes they’re together. Devon demurs; they’re just co-workers now. On the patio, Charlie chats Shauna up as she leaves. He joins Devon and Hilary and talks about his fight with Cane. Hilary looks on, besotted, as Devon tells Charlie that Hilary worked to put herself through college because she knew it was important – Charlie’s is paid for and it’s a valuable opportunity. After, Hilary thanks Devon, who wants to write a check to help Shauna. Hilary cautions that all she needs is encouragement, but invites him to join her the next time she meets with the girl. He accepts.

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At home, Billy apologizes for ambushing Phyllis in front of Hilary. She understands his reaction, vows to refocus on Billy, and wants to head to the bedroom, but Billy feels they need to have a serious talk.Billy-listen-YR-CBS He tells her about his conversation with Nick; he feels bad about the way he found out about Christian. Phyllis wonders if Billy thinks it’s her fault his life imploded. Billy just wishes she’d have listened to him. He can be impulsive too, but they’re talking about her right now. He’s worried one day she’ll go too far. Phyllis argues this is who she is, but Billy urges her to listen this time.

Lily arrives at home and informs Cane she walked out of a staff meeting – she’s wondering if she should leave her job. Cane’s supportive.

Lily returns to Newman and hands Victoria her resignation.

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