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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s turned on by JT lifting Jack’s fingerprints and promises him Ashley’s office. She assures JT her father knows how to handle traitors. In the breakroom, Victor banters with Ashley about rumors before saying, “Only you would know if you’ve done something worth whispering about.” Back in Victoria’s office, JT complains about her takeout lunch, which is ‘garbage’, and calls to make her an appointment with a nutritionist. Vikki looks uncomfortable. Later, in the breakroom, Victoria tells JT that her company feedback show the employees find her cold, abrasive, and demanding. She didn’t realize people hated her.

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At the Club, Nikki phones Nick and complains about him avoiding her. He reveals he moved out of the penthouse and is living at Sharon’s place. Nikki exclaims, “What?” Nick disconnects. Later, Ashley catches up with Victor for clarification on his hints from earlier. Victor-hint-Ashley-YR-CBSHe wonders how Ashley’s sensitive documents from Newman ended up locked in Jack’s desk. Ash fumes, “You think I did this.” She declares she’s been set up – Victoria has wanted her out of Newman since the minute he hired her. Ash saw her with Jack. She encourages Victor to question Jack – she’s not worried about what he’ll find out, but he should be. Ash warns it’s not easy to find out your family’s lying to you; she knows from bitter experience.

At GC Buzz, Devon and Hilary talk business. He’s set to leave but she still has ‘issues’ to discuss. After Devon takes a call, Hilary hints she has a question to ask,Devon-stunned-YR-CBS then babbles about arrangements and transactions. Devon is confused. He wonders if this is about maternity leave. Hilary blurts, “I want you to be the father of my child.” Momentarily speechless, Devon reminds her they’re divorced. Hilary explains he has the qualities she’s seeking in a father, and would only be a donor. She’ll pay the going rate. Devon replies that the only way he would father a child is if he could be the child’s father. “You don’t know me at all.”

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At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Nick he’s sorry about Chelsea. He reveals he knows about Christian’s paternity – from Phyllis – but assures him she told no one else other than Sharon. Nick-glower-Billy-YR-CBSNick’s irked, but Billy protests that Phyllis was upset, and promises neither of them will breathe a word. Nick notes he broke his promises to Victoria, but he has no choice but to believe him. Billy commiserates with Nick over what he’s going through, and assures him he’s Christian’s father regardless of DNA. He thinks Nick and Christian are the winners in this. Nick grudgingly admits that was strangely heartfelt. Billy tells Nick he’s pulling for him.

Nikki arrives at Sharon’s place and puts her on notice – she won’t sit back and allow her to take advantage of Nick. Sharon accuses her of being jealous that Nick didn’t run to her, or want to live with her. Nikki sniffs about Sharon constantly throwing herself at her son. Sharon snaps, “Stop!” She wants to be civil adults…over tea. Once it’s laid out, Nikki stares skeptically at her cup. Sharon sips it. “No arsenic!” Nikki complains that Sharon always has an agenda, and always circles back to Nick. Sharon is trying to help. Nikki wants the blonde to stop pretending she’s the only one Nick has to lean on. She senses there was more to Chelsea running. Sharon works to dissuade her of that notion. Eventually, Nick arrives and Sharon leaves them alone. Nick defends his move into Sharon’s house, and warns Nikki she nor Victor will change his mind. Later, Sharon relays to Nick that she and Nikki reached an impasse. He feels his mom doesn’t get that they can be friends. Sharon looks thoughtful.

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JT-fume-YR-CBSIn Victoria’s office, she’s complaining to JT that Lily seems to like working for Ashley more. She guarantees she’ll be gone soon. Victor appears, and forces JT to leave, though he wants to stay. Victoria’s taken aback to hear Ashley’s not fired yet and Victor wants more facts. Elsewhere, JT fumes over Victor’s slight.

At home, Victoria finds JT in a rotten mood. She apologizes for her father. JT chews that Victor doesn’t respect anyone, including Victoria, that’s why he hired Ashley. He mocks her for being Daddy’s little girl and not a real CEO. Ashley arrives and JT eavesdrops as she tells Victoria her father knows she gave her the file that ended up with Jack, and warns she’ll cheer when this blows up in Victoria’s face. After, JT drives home his point that Victor doesn’t respect Victoria. He’s the only one she can count on. Once she stands up to her father, their life together can begin.

At the Club, Victor irks Nikki by not taking issue to Nick living with Sharon since he’s on the ranch.

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