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At GC Buzz, Hilary gives Mariah constructive criticism about her segment. Mariah asks where she disappeared to. Devon arrives and would like to know as well. Hilary says her absence was unavoidable and won’t happen again. Devon-listen-Hilary-YR-CBSDevon wants an explanation or he’ll accept her resignation. Hilary reiterates that it won’t happen again, but Devon says it’s too little, too late. “I accept your resignation, Hilary.” Tessa appears with checks for Devon to sign and notes the chill in the air. Mariah updates her, and Tessa enthuses about Mariah taking over. Hilary jumps up and makes it clear she doesn’t want to leave before exiting in an emotional state. Later, a young woman, Shauna (played by Camryn Hamm), arrives looking for Hilary, who is her mentor. She reveals Hilary was there for her the other day when her older brother OD’d on pills and is paying his medical bills.

In the penthouse, Anita’s sorry Chelsea hurt Nick, but feels him paying for the video would give him answers.Anita-deal-Nick-YR-CBS Nick doesn’t have that kind of money lying around, but makes a counter offer of Chelsea’s engagement ring. Anita protests it’s not worth $25,000, but Nick’s warnings convince her to take it. She hands over the video and asks if Nick has any message, should she hear from Chelsea. Nick doesn’t; she’s out of his life. After, Nick’s about to watch the video when Sharon arrives and invites him to move into her house. Nick finds the offer tempting, but declines. Once alone, Nick watches the video. Chelsea speaks to Christian as though it’s his 18th birthday. She tells him how much she loved him and reveals his biological father is Nick’s brother Adam. She explains that his mother, Sage, knew and kept it quiet, and Adam tampered with the DNA test knowing Nick would be a great father to him. Nick cries as Chelsea insists she loved him and Christian.

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Victoria-chastised-JT-YR-CBSAt home, JT gives Victoria the silent treatment before complaining that her call to Mac reflects how little respect she has for him. Victoria insists she called because she wanted to reassure Mac, and to help him. JT snarks, “You’ve got to be right about everything, don’t you?” He labels her controlling and says she made things worse. Victoria leaves, subdued.

In the Abbott house, Jack teases Ashley that he’ll have to up his game now that she’s a competitor. He’ll never stop hoping she’ll want to return to Jabot.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria learns from Ashley and Victor that the deal Ash negotiated has closed. Vikki acts pleased. Victor boasts about his decision to bring Ashley on board. After, Victoria phones Jack to update him and learns his interview is set to go tomorrow. JT enters her office and they revisit the issue between them. JT just needs her to stop over-reacting to every little thing. Vikki fills him in on Ashley’s deal closing and Victor singing her praises. JT tells her insecurity isn’t an attractive quality in an executive. Victoria’s offended, and JT informs her people are starting to talk about her. She guesses it was Lily and he calls her paranoid. Vikki defends herself. JT say a lot of guys wouldn’t put up with her idiosyncrasies but he loves every part of her complicated mind.

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At the Club, Jack tells Nick he’s sorry about Chelsea. He cites his troubles with his siblings and assures him things will get better; living with Ashley forces them to confront their issues.Devon-Hilary-romantic-YR-CBS At the bar, Devon finds Hilary and tells her about meeting the young woman she mentors. Hilary kept it to herself because people would question her motives. She realized if she’d had a mentor growing up she may not have become so bitter. Devon finds it impressive, but questions her not sharing it with him. She wanted to protect Shauna’s privacy. Devon admits he misjudged her, as far as he’s concerned, she never left the Hamilton-Winters team. Personally, he feels it would be a big step backward to get romantic with her again.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah’s incredulous that Sharon invited Nick and Christian to move in. She’s glad he turned her down – she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Sharon to live with the little boy. Later, Nick arrives and fills Sharon in on the video content. He’s reconsidered her offer to move in, and accepts.

At home, Ashley tells Jack she’s celebrating something big. They toast. A video call comes in from Dina, who’s on a train, alone and upset. She’s lost track of her nurse and has no idea where she is. She pleads for help then cuts off. Ash touches base with Abby, who says Dina went to Bordeaux with her nurse and they got separated. The siblings, frantic, embrace.

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