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Amid packing up the penthouse, Nick pauses to look at photos of Connor and Christian. Nick gets Christian from upstairs when he calls, and Victor arrives. He’s there to see Nick, and commiserate about Chelsea’s disappearance.Nick-deal-Victor-YR-CBS Victor notes that despite their differences, they’re on the same page trying to process the loss. Nick concedes they’re both feeling protective over Christian right now. Victor suggests they keep things civil and wonders if he’d move back to the ranch. Nick feels it would be a move backward. Vic vows to track down Chelsea and Connor, but Nick doesn’t want to see her again, and thinks Victor would be doing that to get Connor back. They establish that Nick will do things his way, and Victor and Nikki will have access to Christian. Vic pats Nick’s shoulder and leaves.

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At the ranch, Nikki tells Phyllis they have unfinished business – she wants to thank her for trying to help Nick and protect her grandchildren, and apologize for not believing her. Phyllis reveals that Victor visited her as well. Nikki thinks it must be killing Victor that he didn’t have an inkling Chelsea would bolt. Phyllis reveals he had more than an inkling – he knew the walls were closing in and helped cover Chelsea’s tracks. Nikki is suitably angered and tells Phyllis now that she’s been informed, she’ll take it from here. Later, Victor arrives and Nikki confronts him for covering up Chelsea’s crime and keeping it from her and Nick. Victor explains he didn’t want to disrupt Nick’s life. Nikki thinks he should have told her – she wouldn’t have let Chelsea take the boys. They must look out for their family together. Victor relays that when Chelsea is caught they will raise Connor, and it’s important he keeps Christian close.

On the Crimson Lights patio, JT takes a call from Mac, who complains about Victoria leaving her a message, then disconnects. Paul arrives seeking a progress report on the Victor investigation. JT hasn’t found any leads, which frustrates Paul. He warns JT he needs to deliver results. Sharon-Nick-update-YR-CBSLater, Nick arrives to see Sharon, and admits he still has a lot of questions, but with Adam and Sage gone he won’t get answers. Sharon warns Nick that Mariah reported the Chelsea situation. Nick doesn’t care. Phyllis appears, and is sorry Nick had to go through the DNA test. Nick won’t let anything come between him and Christian. Talk turns to Victor’s visits to Phyllis and Nick, who warns his father cannot find out about Christian’s paternity. Sharon and Phyllis vow to keep quiet. Once Nick leaves, Phyllis tells Sharon the pain and fear Nick’s experiencing is on her. Sharon defends herself, and thinks Phyllis is jealous she earned Nick’s respect. Sharon plans to stand by him, but Phyllis snarks that more of her help is the last thing Nick needs.

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At home, JT wants to talk, but Victoria’s got back-to-back meetings. Lily arrives, and JT pokes through Victoria’s notes and computer while they’re making tea. They reappear and Vikki asks, “What are you doing?” JT covers that he misplaced something. Vikki and Lily hold their business meeting and JT listens as Victoria gets irked that Lily believes she reports to Ashley. JT intervenes – Lily is in a difficult position.

At the Club bar, JT tries unsuccessfully to reach Mac again. Lily shows up and thanks him for sticking up for her with Victoria. Victoria-work-Lily-YR-CBSLily says Victoria used to be a great boss, and she also thought she was a friend. JT fills Lily in on his woes with Mac. Lily advises him to remember he and Victoria are a team. Victoria wanders in, notices them laughing, and questions Lily not working on the project. Lily departs. Vikki asks JT not to put himself in the middle of her and Lily, who seems to be on Ashley’s side. JT will talk to his friends when he likes, and notes she has time to listen to him. They bicker about Vikki phoning Mac when he asked her not to.

Back at the penthouse, Nick talks to Christian about moving to a new house and assures him he’ll always be his dad. The doorbell rings – it’s Anita. She clucks over Chelsea leaving poor Nick high and dry, and claims she heard about it from GC Buzz. Nick asks what she wants. Anita admits Chelsea used to send her money, and she needs it. Nick’s not giving a handout. Anita reveals she received a surprise in the mail today – a video file for Christian from Chelsea. She wants $25,000 for it. Nick wants her out, but Anita warns it may be the last chance to find out why she left him.

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