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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells a stunned Nick she would never hit him with this if she weren’t positive. Phyllis wants her to shut up, but Nick asks Sharon to say it again. She repeats, “You’re not Christian’s biological father. Adam was.” Phyllis explains that Chelsea told her this, and she thought she was bluffing. Sharon chimes in to reveal how they checked the DNA. Nick marvels at the lies…now they’re asking him to believe Sage hid this from him. He has to get his own answers.

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Devon arrives at GC Buzz as Hilary’s soon to go live. They bicker as he reminds her she tried to quit. Mariah intervenes, and after, asks Hilary about her attempt to leave the show. Hilary laments the depth of the rift between her and Devon. She genuinely regrets what she did, and despite her apology, he’s not cutting her any slack.Mariah-get-show-YR-CBS Mariah thinks it’s harsh that Devon’s treating her like an investment. Hilary announces she has to go sort some things out. Mariah panics – they’re about to go live. Hil assures her she’ll return. Devon appears, looking for Hilary, and Mariah unsuccessfully tries to cover. Devon is ticked when Hilary texts that she won’t make it back in time. He feels it’s a ploy, and decides Mariah will go live solo. Mariah jumps in to report on the Chelsea scandal and Devon realizes Hilary is dispensable. He gets champagne out as he trashes Hilary’s unprofessional behavior. He intends to accept her resignation and asks Mariah to toast to ‘The Mariah Hour’.

At the Club bar, Victoria assures Jack she will ‘sell’ their plot to her father. Jack warns that Ashley mustn’t find out…that would be a disaster.Victoria-Jack-plot-bar-YR-CBS Victoria talks about Ashley exerting her influence at Newman; she can’t wait to see the back of her. Jack wonders if she mentions or misses Jabot. Vikki replies she only wants to kick its butt. She asks what Jack did to get Ashley so pissed off. Ashley appears. Vikki leaves, and Ash queries Jack about the ‘strange’ meeting. Jack says he was concerned about how Ashley is doing. Ashley snarks that Vikki’s not the person to ask, and alludes to the tension between them – she let her know she was after her job. Jack asks, “Are you happy?” Ash turns the question back on him. Jack admits Helen is not Ashley. Ash says she’s happy where she is.

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At home, Phyllis updates Billy on the situation with Nick. He knows she wanted to protect Nick, and feels it had to do with Summer, but assures her it’s the best for the boy. Phyllis-Billy-protect-nick-YR-CBSPhyllis talks about Chelsea, who only loved Adam and herself. Billy admits she had him fooled. They discuss Nick having to raise Adam’s son coming with its own set of challenges, which is why no one can know. Billy adds, “Specifically Victor.” Ashley arrives to speak to Billy, and Phyllis snarks before stepping out. Ashley fills Billy in on Jack’s suspicious meeting with Victoria. Billy admits Victoria asked him why she left Jabot, but he didn’t tell her. Later, Billy tells Phyllis how much he loves her. He wants to nurture what they have and not sabotage it as he has in the past. Phyllis wryly observes that he’s so happy it’s worrying him. Billy replies, “Exactly.” She won’t let him screw this up.

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In the hospital waiting area, Sharon understands why Nick had to get proof for himself. Nick is amused by the idea of Sharon and Phyllis joining forces. Sharon demurs that they both care about him and couldn’t stand the thought of him getting hurt again. They rehash the past with Sully/Christian; Nick acknowledges that they both bonded with him and love him.Nick-sharon-apology-YR-CBS He regrets how cold-blooded he was when he took Christian out of her home and her arms. Sharon recalls what they went through with Faith as well. Talk turns to Noah. They’re proud of him. Nick turns and says, “I’m so sorry, Sharon.” Sharon cries. Nick continues on about how hellish it must have been for Sharon to lose that baby. Sharon concedes the loss was profound. She had to go through the pain, but it’s better now. She’s glad she and Nick are back on track. Nick talks about growing closer to Chelsea, who maybe wasn’t as into him as she pretended to be. He complains he resisted being like Adam and Victor…and look where it’s got him. The DNA test results arrive and Nick sobs as he reads that he’s not Christian’s father. Sharon holds him as he cries.

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