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At Crimson Lights, Mariah senses Sharon’s upset, and suggests they go elsewhere. They debate whether or not Chelsea hit Sharon. Mariah thinks it makes sense; she’s just glad there are no more secrets. Sharon isn’t so sure. Mariah calls GC Buzz to tell Hilary about the Chelsea story, but Sharon nixes the idea. They debate. Sharon mutters that the truth sometimes hurts, but you can’t escape it.

Victor-straighten-out-Nikki-YR-CBSAt the ranch, Victor is going out. Nikki asks if there’s any news about Chelsea. Victor complains about his grandchildren being kept from him. He vows to straighten things out, and not by visiting Nicholas.

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At home, Phyllis needs something dark and twisted enough on Sharon to keep her mouth shut about Christian’s paternity. Billy doesn’t have any dirt on Sharon, because the whole world already knows what she’s done. He feels the secret will come out and it will kill Nick to find out they all knew. Victor arrives. He thanks Phyllis for the warning about Chelsea and confirms he will hunt her to the ends of the earth. It turns out he’s visiting because he wants Phyllis to ‘remind’ Nicholas that he and Nikki will be a great help in looking after Christian. Billy thinks it sounds like an order, noting Victor has no leverage. Vic points out he returned the money to Fenmore’s. After, Phyllis wonders how to pull a ‘Victor’ to silence Sharon. Billy warns her not to sink to that depth. Phyllis just wants to protect Nick.

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At the penthouse, Nick rips up a card Chelsea had made welcoming him and Christian to their new home. Nikki arrives and he complains that poor Christian’s had three mothers in his little life. He worries the police might seize the penthouse. Nikki suggests he move back into the tackhouse, and works hard to sell the idea, but Nick refuses.

JT arrives home and Victoria tells him he got an express mail. JT hands the legal paper to Vikki – she can’t believe Mac is filing for full custody.JT-express-mail-YR-CBS JT marvels that shared custody was always understood. Victoria knows how it feels from when he took Reed, but assures him she’s not on Mac’s side. She suggests trying to work on a compromise with Mac, but JT snaps it won’t work. He thinks Mac’s doing this because he moved in with Victoria so quickly. He vows to fight, and leaves. Reed appears, and Victoria talks to him about Mac going for custody. He feels for the kids, but it’s not a surprise. Vikki asks why. Reed gets uptight – he doesn’t have insight as he never really fit into their family unit. Later, Nikki drops in. She and Victoria discuss Christian showing up on the doorstep and Victor’s feelings about his grandsons. Vikki is distracted, and admits Mac filed for full custody because JT moved in there. Nikki advises her daughter against calling Mac.

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Phyllis startles Sharon at Crimson Lights, and wants to know if she’s thinking clearer. Sharon doesn’t want to debate. Phyllis tells her to suck it up – it’s not like she was pushed down the stairs into a coma. Phyllis-crimson-lights-reconsider-YR-CBSSharon says that was an accident. Phyllis looks into Sharon’s eyes and sees she still wants to tell Nick. She mocks how Sharon will act when she breaks the news and calls it selfish. Sharon feels Phyllis doesn’t get to decide what Nick gets to know. Suddenly, Nick knocks at the door. As the two women bicker cryptically, Nick asks what’s going on with them. Sharon tells Nick Chelsea hit her because she was about to reveal something. Phyllis interrupts – Sharon needs to go to the hospital, she’s not well. Nick’s bewildered at their behavior until Sharon blurts to Nick that Chelsea lied to him and Phyllis want to continue the lie. “It’s Christian. You’re not his father. Adam is.”

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JT runs into Billy at the Club. Billy complains about Phyllis’ obsession with the Chelsea situation and JT barks at him to man up and shut it down. Billy tells him he sounds like a tool. JT sighs and admits Mac’s going for full custody. Billy notes it doesn’t sound like Mac and asks what he did to provoke her. JT sneers it’s always a pleasure talking to him.

Victoria leaves Mac a phone message to discuss the situation woman-to-woman right before JT comes home. He’s dismayed she spoke to Reed about it – it’s not his business or Victoria’s. She can’t make decisions on her own. Victoria says, “Message received.”

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