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At Crimson Lights, Nick talks wedding plans in July with Chelsea, who wants him to book it sooner. They canoodle. Inside, Sharon watches them and looks at a baby photo of Christian on her phone as Mariah walks up. Sharon assures her she’s not wallowing in the past. Mariah suspects she is feeling nostalgic for Nick, though Sharon denies it. On the patio, Nick has moved the wedding up to March 26. Two police officers enter and Chelsea looks startled, then leaves.

At home, Phyllis and Billy debate over whether or not she should tell Nick the truth. Phyllis feels there is no good solution and muses that it would only take a single phone call to Paul and Chelsea would be toast.

Tessa brings Hilary a contract from Devon at The Hilary Hour. Hilary gathers that Devon’s so disappointed in her, he couldn’t come himself. She thinks he’ll get over it, but Tessa’s not so sure – he decreed that all future communication with him should go through her.

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At home, JT asks Victoria for a ‘do-over’ valentine’s date. Vikki apologizes for dancing with her ex and agrees. After, JT texts Paul that he hopes to have something for him soon. Billy arrives to pick up the kids, and questions JT about their ‘tense’ early exit on Valentine’s Day. JT snaps that it’s none of his business. Billy disagrees. Vikki appears and JT goes upstairs. Vikki reveals he got upset because they danced together. Billy scoffs. Victoria updates him on Hilary’s thumb drive. Billy reassures her about her actions at the time, and leaves. JT reappears to get the do-over started.

At Top of the Tower, Chelsea has summoned Phyllis to find out where they stand. Phyllis muses that she thought she was bluffing, and enlisted Sharon to get proof.Phyllis-Chelsea-cat-mouse-YR-CBS Chelsea can’t believe she brought Sharon into it. Phyllis doesn’t want to crush Nick, so informs her she’s safe for now. Chelsea warns Phyllis not to back her into doing something they’ll both regret. Phyllis vows to find a way to out Chelsea that will not hurt Nick. Later, Hilary runs into Billy, who promises not to lecture her, but points out Cane deserved the consequences of a one-night stand, not a false sexual harassment claim. Hilary admits she wanted Lily to lose for once, however irrational, but it didn’t feel good. Billy suggests the frustrated Hilary show people she’s changed instead of telling them. JT and Victoria arrive but JT’s reservation didn’t go through, so he presses the host to seat them anyway, since Victoria’s a Newman. Victoria, uncomfortable, insists they go elsewhere.

Sharon-sees-Nick-YR-CBSAt Crimson Lights, Tessa thanks Nick for giving her an apartment, and vows not to hurt anyone in the family again. Nick tells her Noah moved to Mumbai. After, Nick joins Mariah and Sharon, who acts strangely, inside. They discuss Noah feeling betrayed and the complicated issue of lies. Nick talks about his upcoming wedding and the adoptions. Sharon blurts, “I’ve got to tell you something.” But Phyllis enters and stops her. Nick goes, and Sharon protests that she can’t lie to Nick again. Phyllis says Nick must stay blissfully unaware, it’s the only way to handle this. Sharon promises to keep mum.

In Hamilton-Winters, Tessa and Devon debate about Hilary’s sincerity. Tessa feels Noah’s probably telling someone what an actor she was, but she’s not, she loved him. Devon says she’s not Hilary, who cannot be trusted.

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At home, JT and Victoria had the best do-over date and kiss as JT suggests they enjoy having the house to themselves. After sex, JT chats with Victoria about a branch of the company that has decreased productivity. She teases him; who’s bringing work home now? JT credits Vikki with turning his life around. “I love you.” Vikki smiles. “I love you, too.”

Back at their apartment, Phyllis updates Billy that she convinced Sharon to keep quiet and is done thinking about Chelsea for tonight.

At Top of the Tower, Chelsea learns from Nick that something is bothering Sharon, but Phyllis showed up so he couldn’t find out what.

Live on The Hilary Hour, Hilary decides to discuss the destructive business of lying. Mariah agrees it can do serious damage. Hilary makes a public apology to those she’s hurt.

In his office, Devon watches as Hilary talks about sometimes the worst lies are the ones you tell yourself and the pain that keeping secrets causes. She talks about being the author of her own unhappiness by hiding truths.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon turns of The Hilary Hour and calls Nick…she has something to tell him and he deserves to know the truth. Just then, a gloved hand knocks Sharon out with a coffeepot.

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