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Victoria finds JT sitting in her office, waiting to invite her to lunch. She has a jam-packed day but he’s insistent. He exits as Lily enters with lousy news. Lily tells her about what Hilary did and Victoria realizes how much of their lives Hilary destroyed. Lily wanders into the hall where Cane asks her out to lunch. He tells her how amazing she is and she reminds him that he must be busy at work. Cane feels like the luckiest man in the world and they kiss.

Mariah questions Sharon about Phyllis-YR-JJPhyllis finds Sharon sighing at Crimson Lights. Sharon hates being stuck keeping a secret from Nick. Phyllis says they won’t have to lie if they get to the truth. Across the room, JT bumps into Kevin and they catch up. JT explains he’s been looking at Victor for embezzlement. They sit down and JT assures him Victor isn’t going away. He quizzes Kevin about his life but Kev is cagey. Back at the bar, Mariah interrogates Phyllis and Sharon when she catches them hanging out. When Mariah walks away, dissatisfied with the explanation for this mysterious friendship, the women get back to bickering about their plan. They stop as Paul arrives. Meanwhile, Mariah interrupts JT as he tells Kevin about how much he misses being a detective. JT looks over at Paul and takes off. Mariah tells Kevin about her romantic woes. Back across the room, Phyllis and Sharon question Paul about DNA and they discuss what happened when Adam died. After he takes off, the women discuss how to get into the police database to get Adam’s DNA. They remember that Kevin is there, but when they look for him, he’s gone.

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JT meets Paul at the station. He assures him that he’s successfully undercover at Newman. They flash back to the fight he had with Paul and Christine where JT admitted that he covered things up for Nikki’s sake. That’s when they sent him undercover. Back in the present, JT assures Paul he can finish what they’ve started. Paul worries that JT may have gone over to the Newman side again. JT reminds him that Victoria has to be guaranteed immunity. After Paul offers him some reassurance, JT walks away.

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Cane and Lily eat at Top of the Tower and flirt over their food. She says he’s still the man she fell in love with years ago. Across the room, an antsy Victoria sends a text to JT before heading over to the others. Victoria apologizes to Cane for believing Juliet. He’s sorry for his mistakes as well. Victoria excuses herself and walks away. Hilary wanders in and gets death glares from everyone. Victoria confronts her, accusing her of being a sociopath. The other woman apologizes, saying she’s disgusted by who she used to be, and points out that she’s given up gossip to push positivity. The Newman accuses her of using positivity to hide what a horrible person she really is. Hilary keeps claiming she’s trying to make amends. Victoria thinks the worst thing that ever happened to Juliet was meeting Hilary. She walks off. Hilary nearly breaks into tears and calls Phyllis, asking her to meet for a drink. Phyllis is too busy.

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At Newman, Phyllis chases down Kevin and traps him in the elevator with her. She asks him to hack into the police files but he refuses. Phyllis tells him that this would be a chance for him to get revenge on Chelsea. He’s conflicted and would like to help but can’t risk doing anything that would cost him his daughter. Later, Cane takes Lily back to work and they congratulate themselves on taking the highroad with Hilary. He wants to keep filling his wife’s days with romance. She thanks him and kisses him goodbye. After she heads back to work, she sends him a text suggesting they play hooky, ‘the adult version’. She returns to him with a smile on her face. Down the hall, JT enters Victoria’s office and she lectures him for not showing up to their lunch date. He realizes that she’s had her underlings looking for him. They argue about his work and he claims that he was dealing with a false alarm. She apologizes but he’s sure she doesn’t trust him. Upset, Victoria promises not to jump to negative conclusions again.

Kevin tracks Phyllis down at Crimson Lights and hands her passwords to the GCPD database. He quickly marches away. Phyllis takes them over to Sharon and fills her in. Sharon explains that she works at the crisis center and can get on a police computer.

At the GCPD, Sharon can’t get on a police computer from within the help center so she sits down to a random computer. Paul spots her and wonders what’s going on. She claims she’s printing off some protocol. He grumbles but leaves her to it.

Sharon arrives at Crimson Lights with Adam’s DNA test. Phyllis is relieved to see her. She reminds Sharon that she used to work at a DNA lab so she can read the test. When she does, she gasps that Chelsea was telling the truth: Christian is Adam’s son.

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