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At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells JT he looks like he slept in the car. He grunts, “GCAC.” JT wants to discuss their issues, but Vikki reminds him it’s a work day and walks out.

In Chancellor Park, Jack takes a cellphone call from Ashley, who regrets shading his new hire, Helen. Victoria-Jack-park-YR-CBSJack accept the apology. After, Victoria appears and asks, “So are you in, or are you out?” Jack says he’s in, and wonders if she has a suggestion for getting Ashley out of Newman and back to Jabot. Vikki tells him she suggested to Victor that Ashley might be there to spy, so now that the idea’s in his head, they need to make it look like a reality. Jack reflects that Victor will hurt Ashley eventually and expresses regret for how he treated his sister. If he makes another mistake there won’t be any hope.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis tells Victor she wants to know about the money he gave Lauren. She thinks he knows who stole it, and wants him to let her in on the secret.Victor-thinking-YR-CBS They spar about the cash until Phyllis comes out and says, “It was Chelsea, wasn’t it?” Victor shows her the door. Elsewhere, Ashley speaks to JT about helping her make peace with Victoria. She notes that Victor likes to pit employees against one another, but she feels they can be colleagues with a competitive edge. JT informs her his job isn’t carrying notes between her and Victoria, and he has to get back to his actual work. After, Phyllis spots him, seeking an answer on the cash, and he’s equally brusque with her. Later, JT finds Vikki in her office, but she doesn’t want to talk during business hours. JT sighs; he didn’t sleep last night and needs to make his amends. Victoria remarks on him yelling at her, and the way he looked at her… JT acknowledges his jealousy; the thought of losing her makes him crazy. He vows to do better. Victoria decides she shouldn’t have danced with Billy. They make up with a kiss.

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At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea kid with the boys before sending them to the kitchen. Nick notes Chelsea is smiling, and refers to them as a little family. Chelsea likes the sound of that.

At Crimson Lights, Victor approaches Chelsea on the patio when Nick and the boys go inside.Chelsea-Victor-warning-patio-YR-CBS She’s antsy Nick will see them, and Victor feels that’s because she has secrets. They discuss Phyllis being ‘onto’ her. Chelsea says Nick believes her, that’s all that matters. Victor warns he if he ends up in a tight position, he’ll choose Nick and his grandsons over her. Chelsea counters she also finds a way to protect what’s hers. Victor cautions her against getting sloppy, which will be her downfall. Nick and the boys reappear and Vic takes off. Chelsea asks Nick to take the kids home while she runs to work.

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Noah arrives at Newman Enterprises and tells Victor it’s time for him to take control of his life and stop getting sucked in to everything that comes his way. Victor was right; he can’t live his life like his father. Victor takes out an envelope he prepared in case Noah came to his senses and tells him the sky’s the limit if he proves himself. In Victoria’s office, she sits on JT’s lap and kisses him as he talks about keeping himself from getting so upset. Paul phones, and JT has to go. After, Victoria meets with Ashley, who hands over the paperwork for the cosmetic deal she closed. Once alone, Victoria puts them in an envelope. She makes a call and says, “Hey, let’s meet. It’s all set.”

At the penthouse, Nick is waiting for Chelsea when Noah arrives. He says some things have changed. “I’ve changed, and there’s really no going back.” Chelsea arrives and learns Noah has issued an invitation to the Top of the Tower tomorrow night for a big announcement. Once alone, Chelsea tells Nick she didn’t to go work, she bought him something for believing in her. Chelsea pulls out a t-shirt that says ‘Hands off, he’s mine’. It’s a set-up for the next part. Chelsea then proposes.

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At Crimson Lights, JT, fresh from seeing Paul, tells Phyllis the cash Lauren got from Victor is a match for the money Nick brought into the station. Phyllis feels vindicated, and realizes Victor has the goods on Chelsea – she’s glad she’s not her.

At the park, Victoria gives Jack the confidential paperwork Ashley gave her. She says the watermark signifies he could only have gotten it from Ashley, who he planted at Newman as a spy. Jack exhales. “I’m sorry, Ashley. I’m doing this for your own good.”

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