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At their apartment, Billy kisses Phyllis and alludes to a surprise she’s been teasing him with all day. Phyllis says he’ll get it at the Valentine’s Day event. Billy relays he may just have a big surprise for her too. She asks, “How big?” They fall onto the sofa kissing.

Upstairs at their house, a shirtless JT snuggles with Victoria in front of the mirror.

Lily arrives at the penthouse frantic for Chelsea’s help. She has Drucilla’s former wedding gown, and her own wedding gown, and doesn’t know what to wear. Chelsea decides she should wear both– she’ll make something perfect. As they discuss Lily and Cane’s relationship, the topic of children arises. Lily realizes Chelsea understands her situation with Sam, since she’s raising Nick and Sage’s son, Christian. Chelsea wants the best life for him.

In the Ashby house, Cane checks the decorations are perfect before explaining to Mattie why the day is so important for him and Lily. Lily arrives, and she and Cane sit the twins down to say that this isn’t just about them, but about Charlie, Mattie, and Sam as well. Charlie enthuses, “Let’s do this.” Mattie-Lily-Cane-Charlie-renewal-YR-CBSSoon the personal ceremony gets underway, with Mattie wearing contacts, and Lily wearing the special dress. Lily tells Cane he still gives her butterflies and she believes in second chances. She talks about their growth experiences. Mattie interjects that they won’t make it through another ordeal like the last one. Charlie agrees, when things were bad, they were really bad.Sam-Lily-Mattie-Cane-YR-CBS Cane says they want to learn and grow from these feelings. He embraces the twins and Lily brings Sam over to get in on the ‘lovefest’. Resuming the vows, Cane promises to be open and never let anything go unsaid, to love, honor, and cherish this precious gift. Lily returns the sentiment as they exchange rings, then Cane kisses his bride.

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At the Top of the Tower, Victoria tells JT they’re announcing to the world they’re a real couple; he’s proud.Hilary-valentines-day-YR-CBS Billy and Phyllis enter and the couples chat until Hilary appears, and Victoria and JT excuse themselves. Billy lets Hilary know he’s got a big surprise for Phyllis later. Devon appears and asks Hilary to save him a dance. Meanwhile, Phyllis corners JT to ask if he was able to match the serial numbers on the money as proof Chelsea stole it. Elsewhere, Billy needles Victoria about moving so fast with JT. She assures him they’ve found the good again, and may even get married again one day. Nearby, Hilary joins Phyllis, and reports Devon asked her to save a dance. Phyllis suggests they should get a room and make a baby. Hilary reminds her of their acrimonious divorce, and asks how many of her exes she’s remarried. Phyllis replies, “All of them.” Hilary switches gears to Billy’s surprise – she thinks he’s going to propose. When Nikki and Victor arrive, Vic pulls Victoria aside, and Nikki welcomes JT back to the family. After, Nikki and Victor dance, while JT and Victoria toast to new beginnings. JT snarks about the ‘dog and pony show’ with everybody kissing up to Victor. Vikki irks him by answering a work message. The music changes and Hilary and Devon take the dance floor. She’s surprised he’s alone, but he reveals he is there with Simone, who is singing. “We’re kind of seeing each other.” Hilary thanks him for the dance and walks off, disappointed. Nick and Chelsea arrive and eyeball Phyllis, who tells Billy she’s awaiting confirmation of Chelsea’s guilt. When Phyllis and JT are in the men’s room, Billy dances with Victoria and cautions against marriage.Billy-Victoria-share-dance-YR-CBS JT reappears and looks tense at Vikki and Billy joking. Billy confides to Vikki he thinks Phyllis might propose today. When Victoria rejoins JT, he is very irritated and wants to go home. Nick-Chelsea-moment-YR-CBSAcross the room, Nikki has someplace else to go, and wishes Victor a Happy Valentine’s Day. As Nick and Chelsea dance, she glances at Phyllis and announces, “It’s time I tell you the truth.” Back at their table, Phyllis and Billy each want the other to go first with surprises. Phyllis-surprised-Billy-YR-CBS Simone announces someone wants to propose, but the spotlight falls on other guests. Phyllis gives Billy an expensive watch, and Billy gives her the key to a red sports car. Phyllis says, “I love you, and I love us.” Nearby, Chelsea informs Nick it was Jordan who set up the fake website but she didn’t come clean because she feared reprisal. Nick believes her. Phyllis watches grimly as they kiss.

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At home, JT confronts Victoria about spending half the night with Billy. Taken aback, she says he spoke to her about possibly marrying Phyllis. JT rants that Billy’s her ‘plan B’ and yells that she shows him no respect as he slams out the door.

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