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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Victor dish on Jack hiring Helen Wallace to replace Ashley. Vic feels Jack is pretending to be excited. Victoria counters that Ashley could be spying for her brother. They debate. Victor insists Ashley’s issues with her brother are real.

At home, Jack assures Helen Wallace by phone that they’re so pleased to have her on board. Ash appears as he disconnects and learns he was speaking to her replacement. Ash finds out who it is, and remarks he must be relived Wallace isn’t a blood Abbott and won’t come for his job.

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In the penthouse, Chelsea wants to make Valentine’s Day plans with Nick, who agrees, but seems a tad reluctant. Chelsea decides to seduce him and the clothes start coming off. After sex, Nick has to go meet Arturo.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis updates Billy on Lauren’s meeting with Victor.Billy-worry-phyllis-YR-CBS Billy worries about Phyllis’ safety with Victor involved, but she refuses to stop digging. Later, Nick shows up and asks Phyllis to stop investigating. Phyllis wants 48 hours. He agrees. Sharon appears and Nick bustles off. Phyllis and Sharon discuss how Nick seeing the good in everyone can also be his downfall. Talk turns to Nick taking the cash in the wall to the police and serial numbers. Phyllis thinks she found a way to make her deadline. After, Chelsea comes in and Sharon lets it slip that Nick was with Phyllis earlier.

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At Hamilton-Winters, Devon enters unseen as Hilary talks to a sick Mariah on the phone about her new vision for The Hilary Hour – each segment will showcase Hilary’s talent due to her popularity. Devon interrupts; her new vision sounds nothing like his. Devon wants a magazine-type show and has already scheduled Simone to be on today.Hilary-Devon-overreacting-YR-CBS He adds she will interview Simone since Mariah’s sick, but in the future, Mariah will handle the musical segments. Hil argues the decision unsuccessfully. Devon asks, “Isn’t this great, working together again?” Hilary goes off, and Devon accuses her of over-reacting and ends up apologizing for joking about her hormones before assuring her she will like his vision for the future. Hilary reads it and grudgingly agrees he has some excellent ideas. She was just worried about what she’d worked for being taken away. Devon assures her he’ll protect what she’s built and make it better.

At Newman, Ashley informs Victoria and Victor she has a new acquisition for Brash & Sassy. Victor, pleased, announces they’ll have the paperwork drawn up for his signature. Victoria-wants-information-YR-CBSVikki adds, “And mine…” After, Victoria complains to Victor about Ashley contacting a company she was already in talks with, but he chortles that it’s a win for her. Vic urges Victoria to learn from Ashley and they will both win. Later, Billy arrives and Victoria grouses that Ashley is out to be CEO of Newman. She wants to know everything her ex knows about what happened at Jabot that she doesn’t. Billy says it’s private, but reveals that Jack is determined to get Ashley back at Jabot.

At Jabot, Gloria’s seen photos of Jack’s new chemist and expresses concern about him being distracted by her attractiveness. Helen Wallace (played by Sitara Hewitt) appears and puts in her coffee order with Glo. She adjourns to the office with Jack, who warns her she’s not there to erase Ashley, but to build on her accomplishments. Meanwhile, Lauren arrives and Gloria complains the new chemist is too pretty. Phyllis-Lauren-elevator-YR-CBSLauren teases her, but Gloria laments about Jack’s vulnerability. Jack and Helen emerge from his office and introductions are made before they leave for Top of the Tower. Glo says to Lauren, “What did I tell ya’?” Phyllis arrives and wants Lauren to let her ‘borrow’ some of the cash to prove Chelsea’s behind all of this. They whisper about Victor finding out where Chelsea hid the cash and tracing the serial numbers. Phyllis calls JT, who has GCPD contacts, for a favor.

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Helen-Jack-after-Ashley-YR-CBSBilly and Ashley arrive at Top of the Tower. Billy wants to go upon seeing Jack and Helen, but Ashley makes a beeline over and wishes the woman good luck working for her new boss. Billy takes Ashley back down to the offices, where she informs him she has no regrets and feels Jack will regret that he ever screwed with her. Meanwhile, Victoria joins Jack up at the bar – she knows he wants Ashley back at Jabot and suggests, “Maybe we could team up.”

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea confronts Nick about meeting Phyllis – she’s massively disappointed in him. Nick admits this has shook him, and wants Chelsea to deny involvement in the website scam to his face. Chelsea sniffs if he has to ask, they probably shouldn’t be together.

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