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At the cemetery, Nick and Phyllis open Adam’s marker but discover it’s empty. Nick feels it’s a sign Chelsea’s not hiding anything, which exasperates Phyllis.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells Chelsea, “I know what you’ve been up to, Alexandra.” Chelsea feigns confusion, then admits she wanted a safety net after Nick’s money went missing. Vic accuses her of lying and warns if he learns she’s back to her duplicitous ways, her life with Nicholas will be over and he’ll see to it she gets life in prison. In Victoria’s office, she complains to JT about the article about Brash & Sassy which implies Ashley’s taken over and could damage her reputation. JT shrugs that they’re all on the same team. Victoria takes her beef to Victor, who admires her competitive spirit and suggests if she doesn’t like the spotlight on Ashley, to take it from her.

In Jack’s office, he gives a quote to Gloria that Ashley moving to Newman ‘changes nothing’. He vows to prove their company is better than ever. Phyllis and Lauren show up and Jack reports he’s hired Ashley’s replacement, Helen. The women wonder about the terms of the deal and angle for funding for their Wi-Fi lounge. Jack asks for a detailed proposal as Gloria chimes in that Ashley put her father’s legacy at risk and Helen’s salary is money well-spent.

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At the penthouse, Nick confronts Chelsea about the threatening texts. Nick-question-Chelsea-YR-CBSShe lies that they were from a disgruntled retailer and she shouldn’t have accused Phyllis. Nick calls them a team and asks for the truth about last night. Chelsea claims she went to Adam’s crypt to try and get a sense of why he left the cash – she didn’t want to hurt Nick’s feelings. She vows not to hold back from now on, and invites him to ask her anything. Nick knows all he needs to know.

Traci invites JT into the Abbott house, noting he didn’t forget Colleen’s birthday. JT knows it’s not an easy day for her. Traci reminds herself she was blessed to have Colleen in the first place, even though her time there was short. JT shares he’s been thinking about her a lot lately, and talks aboutJT-Traci-remember-colleen-YR-CBS Reed getting into the same sort of trouble he once did. They reflect on Colleen’s determination to be with JT. Traci concedes they were wonderful together. When Traci steps away, JT gets a call from Victoria, who learns he’s with Traci and suggests he ask her about Ashley’s plans at Newman. JT, irked, snaps that it’s Colleen’s birthday and disconnects. Traci rejoins JT and they talk at length about what Colleen’s future might have been before sharing a hug. Jack arrives as JT leaves. Jack asks why JT was there, and then, horrified, realizes he forgot the significance of the day. Traci reassures him and they talk about Colleen. Talk turns to Dina. Traci would like a peaceful atmosphere for her. Jack snarks about Ashley causing tension, and shares that he tried to fix things but Ash walked away. Traci thinks she’ll accept the apology and return to Jabot in time. Jack reveals he hired a new chemist – he had to move on.

At the Club, Victoria meets Nick and tells him she and JT are on the skids. She resents him keeping Colleen’s birthday to himself, which isn’t healthy. Nick talks about Chelsea’s secretive behavior and Vikki decides she’s going to get answers…even if she doesn’t like them.

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Lauren arrives at Newman, where Victor informs her he learned of the Chelsea 2.0 mirror site and looked into it. Lauren-offer-Victor-YR-CBSHe presents her with a briefcase containing the cash and can take it on the condition she doesn’t ask any questions. Lauren’s taken aback, but Victor assures her the guilty party won’t try this again. Lauren agrees to drop it. In Victoria’s office, she confronts JT about his actions – she’s concerned because she remembers how Colleen affected their marriage. They discuss the past issues, which included Victor, and Vikki worries about history repeating itself. JT thinks she’s picking a fight and starts ranting; maybe he’s her rebound after Billy. Vikki reassures him, and they agree they really want this to work out.

In the Club dining room, Lauren updates Phyllis on the cash. Phyllis muses that she never agreed toJT-hug-Victoria-YR-CBS let the theft go, and adds Victor’s involvement confirms her theory. Phyllis fills Lauren in on Chelsea and says it’s not just a business betrayal, it affects Nick. Once she’s done with little Miss Chelsea, Nick will be too.

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