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Chelsea-marker-empty-YR-CBSAt the cemetery, Chelsea hears a noise, turns, and gasps. Sharon’s there. Chelsea wonders if she followed her. Sharon explains she visited Cassie and wanted to stop by Adam’s marker. Chelsea admits he’s been on her mind lately too. Sharon left the flower – Hope’s favorite – and tells Chelsea what Adam’s mother was like. Chelsea asks for privacy. Once alone, Chelsea opens Adam’s columbarium unit – the cash is gone.

In the Club, Phyllis and Hilary spot Nick, and ask him about Chelsea being late. After, Noah comes along, and Nick notices he’s upset. Noah’s irked Nick gave Tessa an apartment – once again she got a Newman to bail her out.Hilary-concerns-Phyllis-YR-CBS Across the room, Hilary is craving carbs and confides in Phyllis she’s obsessed with looking for pregnancy signs. Phyllis says it would be too early for symptoms. Hil admits she’s also concerned her donor could be a psychopath. Nearby, Chelsea joins Nick and lies that the boys held her up. Meanwhile, Phyllis tries to reassure Hilary about what Jordan said to scare her. At their table, Nick and Chelsea discuss Noah’s bad choices when it comes to women. Chelsea gets a text, looks rattled, and rushes off, telling Nick she has a work emergency. By the door, Chelsea reads the text – ‘Did you have a nice visit with Christian’s real father?’

At Newman Enterprises, Devon informs Victor he’s there to head off a potential future issue. He suggests Vic may want to handle it personally since the threat comes from within his family. Victor presumes he means Nick, but Devon, with reluctance, explains his concern is with Noah. He describes the drunken incident at Top of the Tower, noting no one recorded it, but they may not be so lucky next time. Victor booms, “There won’t be a next time,” and thanks Devon. Later, Noah arrives and tries to explain his behavior to Victor, who lectures him about indulging in self-pity and urges him not to be weak like his father, but strong like Aunt Victoria.

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Victoria arrives home to find JT has another gift for her – a sexy dress to wear on Valentine’s Day. Vikki gushes it’s so sweet of him, and goes on about how preoccupied she’s been with Ashley’s power play. Victoria-dress-JT-YR-CBSShe wants JT to keep tabs on her. JT assures Victoria he has her back, but he’s security for all Newman employees, including Ashley, and won’t undermine himself by targeting those his girlfriend doesn’t like. Victoria models her dress – she loves it, and apologizes for bringing work issues home. She then breaks the news she booked a business meeting on Valentine’s night. JT reveals he had her dinner meeting moved to lunch. She’s relieved Mr. Clark wasn’t upset. JT reminds her to make time for them. Talk turns to Cane and Lily renewing their vows. Vikki has no use for Cane, but is happy for Lily, if she’s happy. JT suggests they also make things more formal. Victoria says if he’s proposing, she’d have to turn him down. JT’s taken aback, but Victoria cautions people already think they’re rushing things. JT reassures her.

At Crimson Lights, Nick updates Sharon on Noah. She’s surprised he’s not with Chelsea, and reveals she ran into her at the cemetery. Nick’s puzzled, and Sharon shrugs, “What kind of con could she pull at a graveyard?”

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Nick returns to the Club, where Phyllis and Hilary are talking childbirth. He speaks to Phyllis alone and announces he’s ready to hear her out about Chelsea. Nick fills her in on Chelsea’s lie, and Phyllis asks him about the texts. Nick grimaces – she didn’t tell him about them. They wonder if she’s meeting her partner in crime right now. Up at Hamilton-Winters, Hilary finds Devon working late and teases that Hamilton-Curtis-Winters has a nice ring to it. Hilary-Simone-Devon-YR-CBSShe shows him research to back-up her previous proposal and talk turns to her hopes of having a baby. Devon thinks what she is doing is incredible and reveals he has some dreams of being a game-changer in the streaming industry. She’s turned on by seeing him in his element. Hil presses him to admit he also wants more, just as a woman appears. Devon introduces her as Simone (played by Shanica Knowles), an artist he’s hoping to sign. Hil learns that he’s taking Simone on the private jet, and assures the woman she’d be a fool to sign with anyone else.

Chelsea enters Victor’s office and blurts that someone knows the truth about Christian’s paternity. Victor is glad she came to him – he’ll make sure the secret never comes out as Adam wanted. She rants about the texts and Victor dumps out her missing cash on the desk. “I think you misplaced that.”

At the cemetery, Phyllis and Nick notice Adam’s marker is on crooked.

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