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Devon arrives at Newman for some PR business and Lily fills him in on being caught between Victoria and Ashley. Ashley-Devon-caught-YR-CBSElsewhere, Ashley and Victoria butt heads over every topic that arises. Victoria accuses her of being there only to stick it to Jack. Ash denies it, and says Victoria will realize this soon enough. Victoria presumes she’s trying to undermine her confidence. Ash thinks Victor would advise his daughter not to make an enemy of her. Lily appears, and they hold a meeting about Brash & Sassy. They’re all on the same page about marketing, but Victoria keeps Lily back to tell her about a new feature for the website…where employees can post confidential evaluations about their co-workers or superiors, and invites her to use it. In the hall, Devon hints to Ashley that Lily feels caught in the middle as they go to do her official Newman photos.

At Crimson Lights, Nick hints to Sharon that he need to figure out whether Chelsea is lying to him. Sharon muses if Phyllis is right, Chelsea was stealing from herself. Nick counters that Chelsea denied it, but he has doubts considering cash fell out of the bathroom wall and he found her with Jordan. Sharon urges him to trust his instincts.

Cane-JT-mock-YR-CBSAt the Club, Cane, seated beside Billy, mocks JT when he tells them he took a job from Victoria as Head of Security at Newman. JT points out Cane would still be unemployed if not for Jill. Cane will shred JT’s contract, but advises him not to come to him for a favor again.

At Jabot, Chelsea accuses Phyllis of sending a threatening message, and warns her to back off and stay out of her life. Phyllis denies sending text messages. Chelsea accuses Phyllis of trying to wreck what she has with Nick. Phyllis counters that the shady crap she is pulling is eating away at Nick, who is her friend. She warns Chelsea to watch her back and storms away. Later, Billy arrives and tells Phyllis it made his day to see JT call Cane out for being a pompous hypocrite. Phyllis apprises him of Chelsea getting texts threatening to expose her, and notes she’s too rattled to be innocent. Billy takes a call from Cane and pretends to agree that JT was out of line. After, he weighs in on Chelsea reasons for returning to conning. He’s worried about Phyllis being wrapped up in whatever Chelsea’s involved in.

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Sharon-talk-Chelsea-YR-CBSChelsea arrives at Crimson Lights and rants to Sharon about Phyllis trying to poison Nick against her. Sharon suggests she prove she didn’t do it. Chelsea decides, luckily, she has someone she doesn’t need to prove anything to – Nick. Sharon points out there’s no motive for Phyllis to go after Chelsea. Chelsea proposes she could be jealous about Nick. Sharon shrugs – if she’s innocent and isn’t hiding anything, she’ll have Nick’s full support.

At the penthouse, pretends to be no longer concerned with Phyllis when Nick asks. He has to meet Arturo, but suggests dinner later. Chelsea enthuses that sounds perfect. Once alone, Chelsea tells Christian that everything she’s doing is to be prepared in case the truth about his paternity comes out and Grandpa Victor comes after her. She gets a text saying ‘It will all be over soon’.

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Ashley is doing sassy poses with Devon’s team in Victoria’s office when Victoria appears and hijacks the shoot to announce JT as the new Head of Security.Ashley-JT-Victoria-shoot-YR-CBS JT and Victoria pose with bubbly. Lily comes in and congratulates JT. Ashley jumps in front of the camera to welcome JT as Chief Innovation Officer and poses with him. JT awkwardly invites Vikki to get in the shot. After, Lily hears Ashley tell Devon not to publish the shots with Victoria in them. Devon questions her strategy and suggests she might be allowing Victor to manipulate her. They debate. Ashley muses that she knows all about this business and family…and its weaknesses. In Vikki’s office, JT presents her with a red velvet box containing an infinity necklace to celebrate their former anniversary.

Lily arrives home to a surprise dinner from Cane, who suggests they renew their vows on Valentine’s Day. Lily agrees, and they kiss.

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Phyllis joins Billy at the Club bar. He likes the idea of her whooping asses. She smiles. “As long as it’s not yours, right?” Billy wouldn’t say no to a spanking. They kiss. Nearby, Nick sits at a table alone.

At Adam’s columbarium, Chelsea discovers a flower has been placed there. She prepares to open it with a screwdriver, but hears a noise and turns. She gasps.

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